Xenon 1 Longplay (Atari STe) – Maximum Passion + Tricks & Secrets

This is the Atari ST version of a game called Xenon (the predecessor of the famous Xenon 2: Megablast) created by the Bitmap Brothers in 1988.

For a long time I’ve wanted to create a video to show all the nifty tricks possible in this game.
Even though I’ve recorded this with an emulator to easily capture the best plays, the gameplay you see here is mostly the same as how I used to play it on a real Atari STe.
But with a real joystick it would also mean ending up with sore fingers from rapid fire 🙂

I’ve aimed for maximum items, hits, clearing and at the same time at high speed.
The last section of the video shows how to reach the first guardian in level 1 without using the firebutton! 🙂
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

Emulation: STeEm (free).
Recording: Hypercam 2 (free).
Editing: Sony Vegas 10, VirtualDub (free).
Audio: CoolEdit Pro 2, VST Host & plugins (free).
Video codec: Xvid (free).

When I was younger, I used this game for various purposes, but primarily for therapeutic anger release 🙂
I’ve since found better alternatives 😛

This is also actually one of the first games I played on the Atari ST, and it took me a long time to master it.
I’ve came across a few games like this recently (and harder ones), and I did not even consider playing it without cheats 😀

I’ve modified the sound so that it is nicer for the ears (mine at least), with dynamically adjusted DC level, added bass, stereo enhancements, signal compression/limiting and some reverb.

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28 thoughts on “Xenon 1 Longplay (Atari STe) – Maximum Passion + Tricks & Secrets

  1. If only bitmap brothers could make a xenon 3 or a xenon lost levels with remade levels and new weapons. Games like this are ideal for mobile phones and they could make a ton of money. With Gods and Speedball being remade theres only hope for this and magic pockets…..

  2. I wonder what where those things which blow up at end of levels 1 & 3. I found them too, they blew up but you didn't see what blow up.

  3. Is it the standard version of the game ? It looks like the cpu clock is increased in the emulator ? Even with autofire on stage 2 the difficuty is crazy.

  4. Having an 'e' version for the STE would have been nice, even if just to have the SFX mapped to the STE DMA channels to stop the music getting washed out.

  5. lol at the end, back to sector one….then just drive into the back of the first boss. Xenon 2 fixed this issue.

  6. Great game. I could only get to level 3 then died shortly after. Those dang little dudes sneaking up behind me…..

  7. The first game I ever played on the ST – tough as hell and definitely one of my favourite games from the Bitmap Brothers. Originally going to be called Kelly-X before it was renamed Xenon!

  8. wow I remember the this so vividly… what a game.. always thought that soundbite at the beginning was like the most awesome thing ever (sector 1)

  9. I just watched the entire 23 minutes. I am amazed that anyone could be that good. I could play the game for years and never master it like you have here, I think you have to have certain mental aptitudes to reach your level, processing information that comes in through your eyes, multitasking, etc Wow!
    About the only game I have "mastered" like this recently is Hexagon (flash game, http://www.kongregate.com/games/TerryCavanagh_B/hexagon)... I suspect from watching this that you would have the potential to be much better than me at that as well, lol. I can get 423 seconds.

  10. Haha, nice trick at the end storming level 1 without firing at shot! Makes me want to dust off my Atari ST and give it a go

  11. Nice work! I myself worked my way up to level four, but it was a big letdown after awesome 3 first levels. Graphics and design on the last level were disappointing, like it was ported from different, much older game.

  12. Although way too difficult, Xenon was a truly enjoyable blast.  Cool GFX and amazing sound effects.  They made the best of what the ST had to offer and created a classic.

  13. Awesome Game I still have this and Xenon 2 The Megablast on my Atari ST that I've had and still got since 1986, I love games made by the Bitmap Brothers…. Damn I miss the 1980's they were my best years for Video Games =D

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