Worst Ever: HyperScan by Mattel – Rerez

Mattel’s HyperScan is one of the worst toy video game consoles ever made. So we bought the entire console’s library just to show you how truly bad it was.

0:00 Introducing HyperScan
1:14 HyperScan’s Intellicards
2:38 First Dead Console
2:58 Second Console and Loading Screens
4:45 The HyperScan Controller
6:20 HyperScan Doesn’t Scan
6:52 X-Men
9:37 Pressure to Scan Fast Enough!
10:26 Intellicard Booster Packs Physical DLC!
12:26 Input Lag
12:42 Marvel Heroes
15:52 Interstellar Wrestling League
18:53 Spider-Man
22:05 Ben 10

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21 thoughts on “Worst Ever: HyperScan by Mattel – Rerez

  1. The cards are even worthless. I collect numerous types of trading cards. I at least thought the cards by themselves would be somewhat valuable because of the fact that they are obscure and kind of rare. In trading cards rarity=value. The fact that the cards themselves are worthless to collectors says something.

  2. "___ is a massive company, and they can do no harm right?" oh boy if I had a dollar for every time someone thought THAT

  3. Intellicards, eh?

    So, you could say that the machine that Mattel made to scan them was some sort of Intelli-vision…

  4. I see what they were trying to do and maybe if they would have made a Battle Card game like Pokemon or some other type with some online competition, things might have been different, because honestly I like the system and once you play with it for awhile you can figure out just the right sweet spot so the cards work each time , sadly though not many games for it .

  5. Seems there are 102 cards for X-Men alone. It'd take 17 packs at minimum to get all of them, and that's assuming you never got repeats.
    Considering these booster packs might've been quite expensive… Holy BALLS would you need to be a millionaire.

  6. Wow this might just be one of the worst game systems I’ve ever seen in my life, had I bought this and had I been forced to buy a booster pack like this, that probably would have felt even more soul crushing than a drug deal to a heroin addict who is dying of HIV. The clerk who sold these games should probably be shunning the customers who want this system and the games they operate.

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