WordPress 101 – Part 12: Create a custom search form and manage the search results page

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Twelfth lesson of the series WordPress 101 for Beginner Developers, Create a custom search form and manage the search results page

Learn how to build a Theme from scratch, create the folder and the necessary files to install and activate a custom theme.

This tutorials are meant to be a starter help for developers who never used WordPress before and want to learn how to code themes and plugins without using pre-coded assets.

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41 thoughts on “WordPress 101 – Part 12: Create a custom search form and manage the search results page

  1. I found an easier way, just install a plugin that uses shortcodes, although this video is an excellent way to learn for those who have the time.

  2. is it possible to create a custom search form in a particular page without making site from scratch.
    I want to create a toggle search into my blog page

  3. Hi, you make this video in 2015; this is valid today? Thanks a lot man! This video is a WP master piece!

  4. learn to put a search bar on your wordpress website is the equivalent to an PHD in philosophy

  5. How to list the searched post or page title numerically? I searched for "the" in all pages and it displayed all pages titles only.Now i want to list all 27 searched pages in numbers.Problem is that in page 1,the titles list from 1 to 10 and in page 2 also titles is listed from 1 to 10.I want pages titles start from 11 in page 2 and so on .plz help me with code

  6. After taking a Udemy course that used a different approach for Search (javascript, WP REST API ,etc), I was confused when I didn't find the same approach in our company website. I was recently hired to maintain and upgrade their WordPress site and enhance their search. Your video has help me to understand the changes I need to make as the search is built very similar.

  7. Love the tutorial, but I notice that now (August 2018), the step converting the search form to HTML5 seems to be enabled by default. No need to enable that in your functions anymore.

  8. is this work for woocomerce sir? i need search box at my header. but cant do it.. so my search box is only at sidebar (L/R), for dekstop view this case is OK, but for mobile view, there is no search box before i scroll down my phone coz search box is not at top or below the header. can u help me sir?

  9. Hello .I want to create a searching form for my students admission results. To search using their exam number.And there to display as thisCONGRATULATION YOU HAVE BEEN OFFER ADMISSIONNAME: RAHUL SAMIDCOURSE: COMPUTER STUDIESGRADE: 7Please help me with some videos tutorial and guide

  10. Thanks , do you make any video how can I search from another post type with multiple choices from meta , like real estate websites .

  11. Hi, AIess. I dont find much point in forming the content-search.php file. Cant we use the code of content-search.php in search.php only and have the same results.

  12. Thank you for this video iam the beginner where you writte these code and what is the programm you use 😊

  13. Nice explained…I do something similar, but I need different layout of page result for categories, and second search for whole page on search.php, how to do that?

  14. i dont know anything about coding… so can u please tell me where exactly do i have to write that. And please also write the code here too so i could copy it

  15. Hey! your tutorials are great! I got a problem with custom search. Is it easy or hard to add "custom search with checkbox" ? Example: I wanna search a driver from spesific town with a spesific car like "area Berlin and car Volvo" and when I submit the search the search results would show only the drivers with Volvo in the area of Berlin. Could you help me with this one?

    Edit: The drivers would choose their area and car from checkbox from their profile page.
    Bets Regards Ville

  16. I want my search bar to be showing result as user type in search box.
    And also my search should be middle in first and then get animated to header.

    Pretty much like Google Search Box.

  17. Hello Alessandro, how can I create Search Panel with filters of taxonomy or categories like in amazon, I am making a woocommerce online store. Thank you for help. Like in this link http://bootsnipp.com/snippets/featured/search-panel-with-filters

  18. Very Good Tutorial !!! Good Job !!!
    But how can we add a grid plug-in into the search result page to display the page with a specific grid?

  19. Hey Alessando,

    Great tutorial!
    Quick question for you if you have the time.

    I followed the tutorial and I got my search form to show where I want it in my website, but for some reason when I try to use it I get an error saying "SyntaxError: Unexpected token <". Would you know why this is happening, I copied your GitHub code for my website to make sure it wasn't me missing something, but for some reason I still get the error.

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