WICKED GAME – Guitar lesson – Guitar intro (with tabs) – Chris Isaak – fast & slow version

WICKED GAME – Guitar lesson – Guitar intro (with tabs) – Chris Isaak – fast & slow version

Guitarist: James Wilsey
Song release year: 1990
Album: Heart Shaped World

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Aula de intro de guitarra – WICKED GAME – Chris Isaak – rápido e lento com tabs

Lezione introduttiva di chitarra – WICKED GAME – Chris Isaak – veloce e lento con tabs

Aralin ng intro ng gitara – WICKED GAME – Chris Isaak – mabilis at mabagal na may mga tab

Gitarren-Intro-Unterricht – WICKED GAME – Chris Isaak – schnell & langsam mit tab

Cours d’introduction à la guitare – WICKED GAME – Chris Isaak – rapide et lent avec des tabs

Lección de introducción a la guitarra – WICKED GAME – Chris Isaak – rápido y lento con tabs

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Εισαγωγή κιθάρας και ατομικό μάθημα με καρτέλες – WICKED GAME – Chris Isaak – γρήγορη και αργή

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44 thoughts on “WICKED GAME – Guitar lesson – Guitar intro (with tabs) – Chris Isaak – fast & slow version

  1. My favorite version of the song is by the band HIM but I love the original aswell. Great one man. 🙂

  2. God sorry bro, been pooring over lesson video's for a couple of years, and just found your site, great work thanks, grandad learner

  3. Think there's a problem with your channel, all your vids stop running don't know why, I thought that it was my connection but is not, other channels are running fine, except yours

  4. 좋은영상 잘 감상했어요.wonderful! Great! Amazing!…Commet. please….Passing Notes Approach by Bass Line…Custom or Thumb Over(Jimi Hendrix..or..John Mayer.)?research material. youtube.com/watch?v=EgffYEquioA 엄지손가락으로 6번줄을 이동하면서 반주멜로디에 대해 문의합니다.What do you think about this? please…advice.좋은답변 부탁드려요.

  5. I love this song. Thank you so much for this lesson and sharing it.
    Like 165!

  6. Great job on this iconic song. What an instantly recognizable intro. Thanks for the lesson. Rest In Peace James Wilsey and thanks for all the cooler than cool guitar work.

  7. Hello
    Good video for this mythical song but I have a question: what is the model of your guitar from Fender that you use because I think it has a great sound and also the amp to which it is connected? thank you very much

  8. Great video dear friend. Thank you for sharing and for watching my video too. Warm greetings from Seoulhyun.

  9. Another great lesson and I love this song!! A big like 33, wishing you a lovely evening, see you soon!! 😀

  10. Just love this song , and you play it so well ! and your tutorial 110 % excellent ! cheers ritchie .

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