Who To Pick For 4 Star Warriors? – Jump Start Quest 2 | Brave Nine

This is my guide for jump start quest 2 for Day 2 and 6. You should be getting this selection twice, so pick wisely!

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27 thoughts on “Who To Pick For 4 Star Warriors? – Jump Start Quest 2 | Brave Nine

  1. Why is Orienne considered HOT this time? On your recording, it was Kry. On my screen right now it's Orienne.

  2. I FEEL SO INSULTED WITH YOU DISING ON MY GIRL ALCHE! But yeah. She had pulled me through in many battles and killed so many tanks. I wish they given her some skill rework that would make her strong.

  3. Heyya fellas, does anyone use the jumpstart character for combining them for a random *5 star?? *curious

  4. I am stuck at Campaign 46 mini boss. It's been a cake walk up until this and I can't figure how to kill this guy without killing skeletons first making him too strong. Will any of these help with that? Or what unit is needed?

  5. I picked Krull cuz I already had everyone else maxxed out. I honestly think Krull is a better choice than Alche but to each his/her own

  6. I’m kinda sad because ever since the update I can’t log in the game without my tablet getting out within the first five seconds

  7. Because I already have them at 5 star +9 (some 6 star) so it just like who will be the next have 6 star I guess 🙂

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