What Makes A Great Kaiju?

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From Godzilla to Gamera, Gorgo to Ghidora, what makes a Kaiju monster great? Join me as we look at the greats and not-so-greats of the Japanese (and Japanese-inspired) giant monster genre. Bear in mind not every kaiju ever will be featured here, but do let me know which ones you love.

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30 thoughts on “What Makes A Great Kaiju?

  1. NOTICE kotM planned to use EVERY toho monster but the price being so high they only bought a few

    you can only see skeletons of anguirus in the nuke part of KOTM

  2. i LOVE codename cloverfield, Pacific Rim too, and the final minutes of Underwater are Goddamn ! but godzilla movies, so far only watched the american versions and well …

  3. Kotm failed at what it set out to do. People say this movie is great which I really cannot understand that these are in my opinion the best Godzilla movies
    2. Mothra vs Godzilla
    4. Godzilla vs Biollante
    5. Return of Godzilla
    These films have great plot lines and themes which Kotm does not have I hate when people say it’s one of the best Godzilla movies

  4. Kermit is bigger than the average frog.

    Yogi is smarter than the average bear.

    Someone tell me they're not kaiju, please.

  5. Godzilla, Gamera, and kong, etc all obtain one thing that makes them great that being their image

    when you think of kong the think of a giant gorilla taken away from his home and by instinct climbs the empire state building only to get tragically shot down

    when you think Gamera you see a massive turtle that protects the earth from otherworldly creatures protect kids from harm and even sacrifices himself to save the earth

    when you think Godzilla you think of a massively powerful creature made by mans nuclear weapons, we pay for his agony by his destructive behavior killing thousands and indestructible to modern-day weapons as well as killed other creatures not to protect earth but to protect his territory he doesn't care for us only his territory witch would be japan and the people living there caught up in the middle of his rath

  6. King of Monsters is a genuine contender for the greatest Godzilla movie ever made. If you’re not swathed in nostalgia, you HAVE to admit that it’s at least top 5. It brought the G-daddy back, better than ever🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. KotM has one of the most badass soundtracks of the decade. They brought back both Godzilla and Mothra’s themes and remixed them so damn brilliantly!

  8. Godzilla 2014 was great, but your criticism of King of the Monsters lacking scale has no merit because that film really has it, they move faster in some scenes, yes, but it has scale. EYAYPSIN.

  9. Rossatron Your belitting of CGI is Pathetic The Warner Bros. Pictures (Legendary Pictures) productions look Much more realistic with CGI than the japanese versions even the Last One. On the Japanese you can tell they are using minatures on The Warner Bros. ones you don't and the CGI is soo good you just say is CGI because you know you can't film a real kaiju or giant mecha in case of Pacific Rim but it looks as realistic as that fantasy allows. The problem is not CGI, the problem is the Post Production time to do the VFX. Warner Bros. Pictures (Legendary Pictures) gives a good amount of time to finish the CGI of their Kaiju movies unlike the movies that people criticize for CGI. Example Justice League with all the reshots had a post production vfx time problem. EYAYPSIN.

  10. I love the pacific rim scores. especially the first, although the second one has an 80's/90s electronic style to it, they underused the theme in the second one, and they played the whole score too low too, whic s ashame since I like both Ramin Djawadi and Lorne Balfe

  11. Godzilla: King of the Monsters is the worst thing America has ever done to Japan. America has absolutely no right to make kaiju films.

  12. KOTM was a slap to the face. Especially rewatching. It's refreshing to on a whim rewatch this and find it totally lines up with the sensibilities I've found myself after delving deeper into kaiju cinema in the wake of KOTM.
    It's always a joy to see praise for Gamera, and I've developed a real fondness for the 90s trilogy lately.
    Big props, and I think I'll go give 2014 another shot some time. I've been hard on it but KOTM has put it into perspective a little like Prometheus into Alien Covenant.
    Good job dude

  13. To be perfectly honestly I get that POEPLE have personal opinions and all but it just get to the point where it’s just out right picky, to say that a kaiju film isn’t a proper kaiju film if it isn’t from Japan isn’t right remember they based these creatures off of real animals and to claim that Japan did it first or when other nations do it, it doesn’t fell right is not fair to other movies directors or writers. (Btw pacific rim 1 was awesome)

  14. I always thought the sound designers from old school Toho films were right up there with Star Wars as far as how original the sound effects are

  15. Godzilla king of the monsters had a great soundtrack and paid true respect to the main titans (they did my man Ghidorah perfectly!) but the shots were too shaky, shrouded in particle effects and too fast paced. The human characters sucked, and they killed the only good ones (except for Emma, she was obnoxious). The film could’ve been SO much better.

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