Walkthrough Videos #21: Náufragos (Castaways) – Part 1

I take a look at Náufragos, designed by Alberto Corral, published by Lookout Spiele in 2013. It’s a semi-cooperative game in which players are shipwrecked and have to work together to survive on, an later escape from, an island. Mechanically, it combines worker placement and choose your own adventure style exploration. It’s for 1-4 players, ages 12 and up and plays in about 120 minutes. This video is the first part of a walkthrough of a three player game, aiming at teaching you the rules and showing you what the game plays like.

Please note: I’m not trying to teach you the strategy of the game, actually some of the moves will probably be not really good at all.

Part 2:

Many thanks to Lookout Spiele for providing me with a review copy!

Find out more about the game here:

Nguồn: https://top100vn.com/

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7 thoughts on “Walkthrough Videos #21: Náufragos (Castaways) – Part 1

  1. Wow, this is fascinating!! I'm totally engrossed in what is going to happen!! I like that you edited this so the game moves along quickly. If I don't understand what you did or why you did it, I can always back up the vid a few seconds (or come here and ask, which I have not done yet!). You have made a LOT of decisions differently than I would have, which makes me really want to play this game!!! You pressed your luck way more than I would have, esp. w/ risking wounds. I suspect it's b/c you know the game and some of the cards one might encounter. I will suggest this game to my game club for purchase. I do, however, have some issues with this game not being a realistic survival scenario. For one thing, there is no mention at all about finding a source for fresh water and a means for purifying it. You can go a much longer time w/o food than w/o water!! After shelter, water is the next priority in a survival situation. Secondly, the shelters were terrible! One does not need to keep building larger, more spacious shelters! A debris hut will keep a person warm and dry and would use a fraction of the wood used in building these other shelters. It would also take a lot less time, which would give more time for gathering and purifying water, preserving food, and exploring. Oh yes, and a sprained ankle is not something you can get over quickly. Apparently sprains often hurt worse than broken bones. I sprained my ankle almost a year ago, went for 2-1/2 months trying to avoid going to the doctor about it, finally went b/c it wasn't getting any better, and then I went to physical therapy for exactly 5 months! It still hurts sometimes!!

  2. I played that game solo a couple of times. Even if the rules are not great (I've the french version), I had a lot of fun.

  3. Good that you got your copy before the delivery freeze… It really looks like a great game and seems to be way more structured than "Robinson C.". As usual a great job with this video! 🙂

  4. Oh man, I'm jealous of that copy of Keythedral I see in the background, I've never even had the opportunity to play it.

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