Wacky Wheels – Wacky Duck Shoot – Regular Zones (1994) [MS-DOS]

Wacky Wheels is a MS-DOS arcade kart racing video game released by Apogee Software in 1994, with the emphasis on fun over realism both in looks and gameplay. The game strongly resembles Super Mario Kart from the Super Nintendo, but the karts are described as lawn mowers and the eight playable characters are animals from a zoo.

While racing, players can collect hedgehogs, bombs and other objects that can be used to shoot or distract opponents. The game features both single and multiplayer play, with split-screen, modem, or direct serial link. In multiplayer mode, two human players can either race against each other or battle in special arenas where the sole purpose is to hit the opponent a certain number of times with hedgehogs. This last gaming mode, called Wacky shoot-out, is similar to the classic deathmatch mode from first-person shooter games or the Battle Mode of Super Mario Kart.

The game was and still is distributed as shareware, with only a few characters and courses active. Registration is required to unlock the remaining characters and courses. It is also the first game to feature a Dopefish cameo appearance.

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2 thoughts on “Wacky Wheels – Wacky Duck Shoot – Regular Zones (1994) [MS-DOS]

  1. I actually just got the shareware version of this off a copy of Rise of the Triad i bought at Goodwill. Not a bad game actually, it's like Super Mario Kart, but different enough to be it's own thing.

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