Viking Top 5 – Norse Themed Video Games

Today we count down our top 5 Norse Themed Video Game. What is your Number 1 Game?

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Music in the background by Wardruna.

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10 thoughts on “Viking Top 5 – Norse Themed Video Games

  1. Gods of War is a platformer? With all the top graphics I see that's bait and switch af. Also Frigg is Baldurs mother, IRL.

  2. Does the guy on the right count as speaking English for you yankees? I'm Australian and I can't understand a word he's saying.

  3. Played a game called Unreal world, its a medieval finland survival game and I know that they have a very different culture to the vikings but I’ve never played a game that lets me recruit some peasants that I train over years in game, build myself a boat and raid villages Viking Style.

  4. these are NOT norse themed games.. they are hollywood/fantasy-viking themed.. i fuckign hate it when ignorant americans talk about my ancesters and my heritage

  5. Can’t wait for creatures of fairy tales and myth!
    Also, Rend is a good underrated MMO. It’s set in a post Ragnarok Midgard and the devs are implementing dozens of Norse artifacts for players to use. Some real some not haha

  6. Mine would be, in no particular order, these 5: Age of Mythology, For Honor, Skyrim, God of War, Banner Saga Trilogy.

  7. My thing on the new God of War with the inaccuracy is that they have to give Kratos a reason to kill gods and make the gods mostly antagonistic, so they heavily focused on the negative aspects of the gods and played on things about Baldr that aren't NECESSARILY negative but could be under different circumstances.

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