Top 10 WORST Video Game Consoles of All Time (Redux)

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And you thought the Xbox One was a bit of a clunker…Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles of All Time! And it’s a REDUX MOFOS. BA BOOM.

#10. LaserActive
#9. RZone
#8. Ouya
#7. HyperScan
#6. Atari Jaguar
#5. NGage
#4. Virtual Boy
#3, #2 & #1: ????

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50 thoughts on “Top 10 WORST Video Game Consoles of All Time (Redux)

  1. Anybody else play Luigis Mansion 3??? Is it just me or does the Virtual Boy look like the Virtual Boo that E Gadd gave Luigi???

  2. I’m hoping that whoever made these old video game consoles (the ones that made the list) had learned their lesson by now!

  3. PHillips CDI is the worst when it comes to consoles, when it comes to YTPs, that's one whole different story

  4. This is only scraping the surface, at least these consoles had notbale games or were a decent idea but poorly executed. When I think of terrible consoles, I think of consoles that a abysmal in every way. I'm not sure how my top 10 would go but it would include many obscure terrible machines such as the Gaken Compact Vision Boy, Unisonic Champion 2711, Commodore CDTV etc.

  5. From what I understand the Jaguar didn’t have a 64-Bit processor but had both a 16-bit and 32-bit processors and both would give the illusion of 64-bits

  6. Watch mojo could improve if they put more emotion in their videos and not pick something that majority of people agree with

  7. Say what you will about the Virtual Boy, some of the games on it were actually not bad. I'm siding with the AVGN in saying the R-Zone is worse. Even though they both have terrible monochrome graphics, I'd rather lean into a set of binoculars than close one eye to see stiff, obsolete wire frames.

  8. I loved laserdisc. It's a dead technology but I still have a library of laserdisc movies and 3 players. The LaserActive was lame and that's coming from a gamer since the 80s.

  9. Why the ass did you put the R-Zone in the number 9 spot and the Virtual Boy in the number 4 spot
    I’m pretty sure you guys were smoking dat goo shiet while you were making the list because I don’t know how the R-Zone is better than the Virtual Boy

  10. The only system I had on this list was an N Gage. I got it in 2007 on ebay for about $20 and got rid of it like 2 weeks later. It was absolutely awful. The games were terrible and it played like shit. It is absolute garage compared to the Advance.

  11. the r zone better than virtual boy??? that is weird the r zone made a worse headchace and the games were bad on the r zone

  12. Why tf would someone use something that looks like a taco phone? Can’t you just buy a phone?

  13. At least the Atari Jaguar had a lot of games and many memorable from having the best port of doom which almost looked like the pc version and tempest 2000 and alien vs predator

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