Top 10 Upcoming VIKING and NORSE games | 2020 and beyond

Top 10 upcoming Viking, Norse and Scandinavian games!
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Rune 2: Ragnarok
Freja and the False Prophecy
Unto the End
Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women
Viking Vengeance
Boreal Blade


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22 thoughts on “Top 10 Upcoming VIKING and NORSE games | 2020 and beyond

  1. Which one of these has the best soundtrack? I find in-game music is a big part of games, and I'm hoping to hear to hear some epic Norse inspired music.

  2. As soon as Mount & Blade Bannerlord launches, and the Modding Kit will be ready, I already see the Modders going nuts! And knowing the fact that the Modders are a crazy bunch of FANS and GAMERS alike, they will recreate Viking Conquest. Dark and gritty! This is how a Viking based Game HAS TO BE!!

  3. I wonder how can we make you more popular? Your channel is great, it just needs a bigger audience. Greetings from western neighbours!

  4. I was wondering why you did put out so many video's all of a sudden. Glad to hear you quit your other job 🙂

    Here is to many other great video's (and a great many more subscribers)
    *raises glass of Vodka *

  5. Greetings from Scandinavia. Great video as always. No one makes me laugh like this while looking at interesting reviews of games.

  6. Awwww, you read Ronja Rövardotter! I would subscribe again if I hadn't already…I'll drink to you instead.

  7. so dissapointed about the Valhall.
    But the rest are very interesting games specially Darkborn!
    I'd like to tear apart the heretics who drink alcohol free vodka! Deus Vult!

    btw is that "Steven Ogg" at 7:28 ?

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