Top 10 Glorious Viking Themed Video Games

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Rejoice, for the time is right to pillage and fight in the name of honor. For this list, We’ll be examining those games that best embrace and embody the intriguing culture of the Viking Age. Some opt to double down on the violence and turmoil of the time, while others explore the culture and mythology cherished by the Vikings. No matter the focus, though, all manage to offer something unique and worthwhile. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Viking Themed Video Games.

00:34 #10: “Jotun” (2015)
01:14 #9: “Volgarr the Viking” (2013)
01:56 #8: “The Lost Vikings” (1992)
02:49 #7: “For Honor” (2017)
03:28 #6: “Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze” (2014)
04:20 #5: “Age of Mythology” (2002)
05:13 #4: “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice” (2017)
06:08 #3, #2 & #1: ???

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40 thoughts on “Top 10 Glorious Viking Themed Video Games

  1. I think the conclusion is that there just arent really good Viking games…Been thinking about For Honor but i think I will get bored with that real quick. Skyrim? Played that so much already. Most of the games on this list have crap visuals now. I loved playing Rune back in the day tho. Maybe some AoM then…

  2. Any1 know of a good viking game that's open world content. And like the series last kingdom. Something available to xbox. Also has fighting and structure to get more power and. wealth.

  3. From someone who’s Icelandic and a Norse Pagan. Skyrim is a Viking video game as much as Mario kart is. The newest God of war classifies far more to be a Viking game than Skyrim. Help the ball till then. 7/10

  4. i know im 2 years late, but the moment the video ended and you didnt list "Viking: Battle for Asgard" I disregarded everything you said and am now starting fresh.

  5. Open world third person build ur own town n battle n raids n armor etc….would be unbelievable some1 make it happen!!!

  6. I'm ready for a game that has a lot of sea travel, travelling up the countryside on horseback through Scandinavia, russia, and the United Kingdom, bad ass fighting and war tactics with swords, shields, and axes, lands to conquer, armies to lead and/or take part in, gods to worship and sacrifices to make, etc lol. That's the game I want.

  7. If Warhorse studios made a Vikings game like how they made Kingdom come: deliverance, it’ll be my favorite RPG game

  8. Crusader Kings 2 with old gods and holy fury dlc's… ffs you can play as Bjorn Ironside there! This game is not "viking themed" you can play actual vikings.
    Also if Skyrim is "viking themed" than Wither 3 is even more with whole Skellige… This list makes no sense at all

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