Tomb Raider (TRLE) Quest of Gold [BLIND&LIVE] Part 12 ~ Explosions! 165.6

Quest of Gold by TC14
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These Explosions! occurred on August 5, 2018

Quest of Gold [BLIND&LIVE] Playlist:

Explosions! Playlist:

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Thanks to everyone who attended the stream, and I hope to see some new and old faces next time!


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31 thoughts on “Tomb Raider (TRLE) Quest of Gold [BLIND&LIVE] Part 12 ~ Explosions! 165.6

  1. Hey Matt I know you're busy and probably won't read this, but on the off chance…

    Just wanted to wish you well and send you my best wishes. Really hoping for more explosions uploaded in the future!

  2. I have a serious suggestion for TR4: she can roll forward from crawlspaces! Never knew this myself untill I started watching speedruns and I noticed someone doing this and was like NOOOO THE AMOUNT OF TIME I WAISTED TURNING HER ASS AROUND FIRST EVERYTIME OMFGGGG. So, you're welcome 😘

  3. hi badassdude hope you're safe and well! i've been binge watching your videos (they've come in handy esp now). i know you're doing a lot of other work rn and you're super busy but I was wondering if you would ever consider doing a Tomb Raider AOD walkthrough on the PS2, since that version seems so much different than the pc one!

  4. I love how Matt just brings back TRLE. Most TRLE videos could be from 3 years ago or something (unlike tartancroft).
    edit: I actually got Joy2key since I had a spare Xbox controller and it’s pretty nice to work with.

  5. At least there could be a public announcement if there is not going to be any youtube videos 🙂 so the other, non twitch viewers, could know. That would be fair move i think 🙂

  6. You can do it Matt. You have the planning, and knowledge to accomplish anything you put the effort into. I know you can do this because you have been consistent with Explosions all these years. You got this Matt. Your goals are within your reach it just takes time to build just like filling a Playlist. I'll be checking in and cheering you on!

  7. Hey Matt, this question has probably been asked more than once, but what's your favorite TR game ever? Btw, I'm a big fan of you and your channel 🙂

  8. Hi badassgamez, I'm French I follow your videos in Tomb Raider, I love it and I can play the levels on Tomb Raider Level Editor in Mac OS High Sierra with a software named Wineskin Winery ! It works very well but with graphic problems ! The textures are very luminous and I see everything, there is no dark areas and my flares, when I used it and Lara take on her hand, the flare don't light with the green light, there is nothing ! Change the luminosity of my PC change nothing ! I can't go to the setup to change the configuration settings in my Mac a second time ! I talk about Tombraider4.exe files mainly ! Anyone or you badassgamez play sometimes on Mac for TRLE ? If anyone has answers for me for this problems, talk to me ! Maybe I find my problems with your answers, my head's spinning !
    PS : I have a channel for you, it's interesting for you, I show a walkthough of the Tomb Raider 1 to 5 on Playstation with a very big challenge : all kills with pistols (exceptions on TR2 to 5), all pickups, all secrets, no meds, no save (just I take the crystals in TR1 and one save on TR3), no flares ! Maybe it can help you but it's French, my channel is autisteadore ! Welcome to the club !

  9. Hope you’re safe during this Coronavirus pandemic. But I’m looking for your next video whenever that happens

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