The Pilgrim's Progress (Part 1 of 17) – Scott Cawthon's Game Remake of John Bunyan's Classic Novel

Part 1 of 17: Learning the ropes in the City of Destruction. Scott Cawthon made this game in 2011, well before the FNaF series. I play through all of the game and get all of the quests complete on Normal mode. I hope you enjoy the playthrough!

This video game is based on the allegorical novel by John Bunyan, which describes the burden that people carry, the remedy through Christ, various pitfalls that people can run into in life, and the main focus of a Christian’s walk. I do have one mistake in the video up front — I was remembering John Bunyan’s birthday (1628) instead of TPP’s Publication Date (1678). It’s a great novel to read, and I’d definitely recommend it. Having done the entire video series of this video game, as well, I’d definitely say it’s an interesting playthrough and would recommend the game even above Scott Cawthon’s other games I’ve played. I’ll post these 17 parts throughout the weeks here, mainly on Sundays & Wednesdays, though I may throw in another upload here this week since my channel is a little threadbare otherwise right now! 🙂

Thanks for watching & God bless you!

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24 thoughts on “The Pilgrim's Progress (Part 1 of 17) – Scott Cawthon's Game Remake of John Bunyan's Classic Novel

  1. Hey DJ Sterf, please check the latest Pilgrim's Progress Game reveal trailer 🙂

  2. Hey DJ Sterf, I'm curious to know where I can download this game? Because as someone who is a fan of Scott Cawthon's work, I feel that his other games that he's made deserves some recognition too.

  3. bro on gamejolt theres a game that's a fangame of this its free and it looks like the real deal. also how did you get this version

  4. Good video.You must review this new game too:).It is perfect

  5. Please upload another part 😀 cant wait to see more, how you beat the game. I cant beat the final boss.

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