The Ooze Review (Mega Drive) – Psy Reviews It

This week we delve into the catalogue of the Sega Genesis and cast our eyes on a lesser-known but intriguing little title by the name of The Ooze!


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Music used:
“Night of the Mutants” from Comix Zone
“Waste Plant Part I/II” from The Ooze
“Toxic Dump Part I/II” from The Ooze
“Toxic Dump Part III/Genetics Lab Part III” from The Ooze
“Genetics Lab Part I/II” from The Ooze
“Options Menu” from The Ooze

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21 thoughts on “The Ooze Review (Mega Drive) – Psy Reviews It

  1. They got the colour wrong. Should ve been brown not green. Move a piece of shyt around. Throw shyt at people. With the farty soundtrack.

  2. You need the game skip for this game a bit hard at times. great hidden gem for the genesis, recommended just finish this oozey!!

  3. As a kid growing up with a SNES, both the title and especially the box art always caught my attention. I'd always see it displayed in the store, and I was always very curious about it, but it was unfortunately a Genesis exclusive. I wished I had a Genesis so I could rent it. I finally tried it out on an emulator some years ago, and I found out that I didn't miss much at all. Nothing about it is really bad, but it just isn't fun to play at all in my opinion. So I guess it is actually bad in that sense. Still, I appreciate it for being a very original idea at the time. There was certainly no other game even close to it in terms of the gameplay in 1995, at least none that I know of.

  4. I could honestly see this game working if it was remade for the 3ds or something similar. You could move the Ooze with the stick, and use the stylus and screen to control where his punches go, either to attack enemies out of reach in tricky spots or to solve puzzles.

  5. Thanks dude! You've explained, why does one of my most favorite games from childhood never show up in tons of Sega Megadrivegenesis fanboy stalking on the net! So now I searched for a review on purpose!!
    Good review, thou very fluent speaking. As I'm not native English speaker (here in Russia) – it was a bit hard to me.

  6. I had the sonic collection volume 2 for the ps2 that had this game in its selection after the memory card sees you have a sonic heroes and this and comix zone were pretty fun for me though the ooze was a lot harder but I liked how the ooze monster looked at and was amazed by it

  7. Favourite b-movie must be freaked… Just saw cinemassacre's review today and, damn! That'd have been among my fave films of my childhood if it hadn't been binned 😢

  8. i played it before ether emulator or sonic mega collection plus as one of unlockable game is hard very very hard i didn't beat the game but music is nice

  9. I was creeped out by the game as a child. I think it was the music which made it feel like a horror movie. Playing it now, it's a meh game.

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