The Big Comfy Couch Game – Fuzzy Wuzzy Fun

Lookout world! Here come the Dustbunnies. Those wacky dusty little brothers Fuzzy and Wuzzy from the hit TV series The Big Comfy Couch are back in FuzzyWuzzy Fun! Ready to play with kids on the tablet!

Fuzzy and Wuzzy love games and swinging on springs and all sorts of goofy boy stuff. And having fun with each other. They speak a language all their own called Dustbunnyese. But they are always easy to understand.

It’s a game of hide and seek as Fuzzy and Wuzzy run around under the Couch, trying to find each other. Help them reunite by navigating the path around all the toys, books and anything else that Loonette The Clown has shoved, er, left under the Couch…

Kids use their finger to guide one Dustbunny through a maze to find his brother. The mazes are different every time, so even your fave ‘smartypants’ OR ‘the brightest button’ won’t get bored, and when kids see how happy Fuzzy and Wuzzy are to find each other, they will want to play again and again!

Easiest enough for toddlers, but funny enough for everyone!

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