Super Nintendo Game Collection Display Ideas

I’ve put together Some Ideas for displaying Super Nintendo Cartridges In A game collection or game room. SNES Carts have odd shapes and can be difficult to find display solutions for! If you are new to the channel WELCOME! Have a great day and collect what you love!

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Links for some of the ideas:

-3D Printed SNES Cart holder :

-Compac stand :

-Nail polish rack :

-Rosecolored gaming

-Ebay stand for single cart

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27 thoughts on “Super Nintendo Game Collection Display Ideas

  1. Awesome video! There's also these really great bookends that are perfect size for snes and n64 carts on Amazon. I use them for my small snes collection. They work great if you have your carts on wall shelves like mine. They're great quality and very affordable. Here's the link which also has my customer review with pics.

  2. This doesn't work for EU games unfortunately. There is no label on the top of the cardridge so there is no way to spot the name of the game while in it's in the display.

  3. nail polish racks are great for displaying hand held consoles too. I have all of my gameboys on one and the games on another

  4. Just subscribed. Great ideas and love that retro intro music theme. I did get the cartridge stand for nes and snes in black. Im going to try and paint the nes stand in colors representing the console just to ad some nostalgic flare.

  5. Great vid man. Some really good information. Thanks. Also, you should have edited the outtake to be in the flow of the video, too funny! 🙂

  6. Very cool! All of these are great suggestions, I have been looking for a better way to display my SNES games! Great job, my dude!

  7. I passed on one of those retro Nintendo ones you can hang up on the wall 😀 went back later and it was gone! Great ideas buddy!

  8. Man, if I had the space I would definitely use more of those nailpolish racks. THe singular clear stands also look quite nice, but I'd want to display my entire collection if I had those!

  9. "Now you're playing with power" 😂😂😂 Excellent video !! Thanks for linking the items in the description !! Collect what you love !

  10. Horizontal and vertical are both solid methods, I do vertically myself, but in both cases, if you use SNES dust covers, doing both becomes a headache as they no longer sit nicely. I have something like the black SNES rack for my NES games. Those acrylic game stands are sweet! I need to get a few of those for my SNES highlight games.

    Displaying games on yourself would kinda be like what Flavor Flav does I think. Big ol' gold chain.

  11. This is probably one of my favorite videos that you've done so far. I'm going to check out some of these solutions as my nearly 50 SNES games all stacked horizontally give me a sense of frustration and anxiety. Any chance of eventually doing other cartridge collection display ideas videos? N64 and Atari 2600 games can be a hassle to store and display in my experience.

  12. Can the compac stand be stored on its side? You could have it as sort of a shelf insert an display all the end labels like at 0:43. I am wondering how feasible this would be, or if the games would fall out.

  13. Always love your outside-the-box suggestions for displays like the compact case! I'd seen some stuff on Rose Colored Gaming and was just waiting for their mention! That 3D printed one looks nice; we've got a couple very similar to that, but they're "official" Super Nintendo holders for boxed games–I really like these though, especially if you're using a book case or deeper shelf.
    And of course that outtake is great–I'm totally going to display my SNES games on myself!

  14. Dude! that is a video.. make the display on your self vest… wearable tech is the new "thing" right now.

  15. Love these display videos! I always found it hard with the SNES games. Their cartridges were always a bit of an awkward size and I always ended up storing it all in a drawer, which sucked as you couldnt see what games you had or had to dig around to find the game you wanted to play. I like to have them with a gap between so they dont touch, if you want to take out one game and they are all just stacked on a shelf you will always end up pulling out 3 other games that almost falls and its a big mess. Also love the idea of having them stacked so you see the top of them.

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