Stellaris 2.2 For Beginners (A Tutorial for People Who Are New To 2.3)

Stellaris can be incredibly overwhelming. That’s why I’ve once again made a tutorial video that covers the ins and outs of the new systems therein and also clarified some of the older things from previous tutorials.

The First Moment;

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41 thoughts on “Stellaris 2.2 For Beginners (A Tutorial for People Who Are New To 2.3)

  1. Aspec: I"m going to make a fully encompassed Stellaris tutorial that will cover all of the mechanics and anyone who watches it will learn how to play the game forever!
    Paradox: That's one way to look at it… Be a shame if we…. changed everything…

  2. Brought it today, just the base game. Never played anything like it. Exploring the galaxy, colonising Alapha Centuri. Wow. I really hope the human race, beats covid, ditches nationalism, and makes it.

  3. Me:
    buys the game
    Starts tutorial, gets confused on what to do
    Tries whatever , gets even more confused
    Ends game and opens this video

  4. I just got this game and im already irritated I have to read a fucking manual or watch guides just to know what the fuck is going on. Feeling like a big waste of money hoping it would be another Master of Orion.

  5. I watched a bunch of videos, everyone just kinda did their thing, but you did a great job explaining everything, thanks!

  6. It seems like this is a game that could do with having a large robust tutorial mode or an actual paper copy of a good old instruction manual.

    Such a huge amount of information to know before you can even play.

  7. ✌ nice video Aspec. Considering the new updates in regards to the console version ! Us console peasant's need a guide like this eh. Please consider. Sincerely. A fan👍

  8. Aspec i just want to say thanks for saving my butt several times. I’ve played this game about 1000 hour on console, but that is not going to matter anymore because 2.2 is coming for console. So I am back to watching all of your guides again. So I just want to say thank you for your guides it really helped me to understand/play this game

  9. ASpec: Thanks for putting this together. I'm considering buying Stellaris while we all sit in Covid-19 quarantine and this was a great intro to help me decide with some great pointers for starting.

  10. Just started to play Stellaris again together with a friend. I hated it so much when they removed the old pop and building system…
    But this guide will help me to come along with the new stuff 🙂

  11. What did you do in the great pandemic grandad ? well I tried to learn Stellaris and prayed for death

  12. Recently got this game and it's the first i can say that i became a galactic powerhouse before i learned how to deal with Pirates

  13. The pinned comment might answer this for me, but will you be doing another one for 2.6 or whatever it is with federations? I love your vids and will be purchasing the dlc through your link. Does it work with the rock people dlc too (that I'm buying with it?)

  14. Is anyone else constantly disappointed by how underwhelming Stellaris is? It doesn't seem anything interesting ever happens, or that there is even any strategy, really. It's just a constant mad grab for resources, that takes hours, and fer what? Nothing much if you ask me.

  15. Do we need an updated version of this?

    The damn game changes more often than I change my socks! 🙄

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