Spotify Scrollable Header – “Can it be done in React Native?”

In this video, we are looking at the Spotify scrollable header. I hope that you will enjoy the video! 😀 Let me know what you think.

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The full example is available at
You can check it out on GitHub as well at
I mentioned a React Native bug in the video, here is the link:

The boilerplate project if you want to follow along with the example is available at

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30 thoughts on “Spotify Scrollable Header – “Can it be done in React Native?”

  1. Hi William,
    just a question
    If you a similar scrolling

    for example

    I have tabs from native base that is under the header which is collapsible

    let's say the header max is 300 and when its collapsed, it will be 200 for example.

    What I want is I want to disable scroll view of the tabs till I reach a certain point then I am allowed to scroll the inner scroll view

    hope you get my point, i have been looking to fix this for a while now but I have no clue

    I tried, scrollEnabled={false} on the inner scroll view and it worked but there is no way to switch back to true and allow it to scroll then If the user wants drag the scroll view back he can.

    Can you give me an idea on how to fix such a thing.

    A good example would, open table app


  2. Is onScroll function available on "react-native-redash": 3.3.2 because on version 14 am encountering bugs

  3. Hi William, I'm from chennai, India. I love your videos. It is very helpful. Could you please do a video recreating Google Play profile scrollview animation.

  4. Sans vouloir être méchant, il faut vraiment améliorer votre accent. Ce n'est pas une critique mais un conseil.

  5. its RN version 0.61.5 and i think the shuffle play lag you mentioned in 26:00 still persists on both platforms. In this example however it is pretty difficult to spot the delay in the animation, although your work around probably works great. Im about to try and implement it in my case of use.

  6. Hi there! I am trying to implement the animation. But I get an error: undefined is not a function (near '…proc…') when importing onScroll from 'react-native-redash'. Can't find any related issues. Any ideas?

  7. I have a basic question, what is difference of .js and .tsx? And can I use .js instead of tsx without changing any codes?

  8. i noticed that react is pretty much transitioning to using just functional components. Or something like this. Is that right so? and where can i give a deep dive on it, to gradually update my old components and uis that are already in production? thanks man! and keep up the good work, you are awesom!

  9. Love this episode. Really useful. What about this one?

  10. I wish the Flutter community had someone like you. Flutter can make really beautiful apps but there are close to 0 videos on youtube that match your quality in react native.

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