SeekBar – Listening to Progress Changes – Android Studio Tutorial

Hey guys, in this quick tutorial we will learn, how to read the progress out of a SeekBar using the OnSeekBarChangeListener Interface and how to apply the progress to a ProgressBar using the setProgress method and how to display it in a TextView.

Example code:

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17 thoughts on “SeekBar – Listening to Progress Changes – Android Studio Tutorial

  1. nice work.. keep it up…., and please help me, i want to change the color of seek bar, how to do that, please tell me…….

  2. sir i need help
    i create music player and i want to set tooltip on seekbar for showing duration of the song
    please help me

  3. As always short and much more understanding than other tutorials. Please keep making more of them. Especially free trial apps are of interest for me. Nowadays that is how people buy apps- from free trials.
    Thanks again for the above tutorial!

  4. i want the same operation to be performed in a music player app, like when we drag the seekbar song should also move forward synchronously with the seek bar

  5. Some times you cast the views after findViewById() and sometimes not…Is there any significance ?

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