Seagate backUp plus Slim 1tb/2tb/4tb – USB Portable Storage drive – Fast Review!

This video shows the Seagate Backup Plus Portable 1tb/2tb/4tb USB 3.0 external hard drive. The Seagate Backup Plus Slim is unboxed, installed and reviewed in my video. This a quick Seagate backup plus slim 1tb review. Watch my Seagate backup plus slim 1tb portable external hard drive review from unboxing to plugging it into a laptop computer. This is a must have back to school laptop accessories USB portable external hard drive for backing up important school work from your school laptop computer running Windows 10 or Mac OS X. It makes a great Apple drive or Windows drive accessory.

Here’s some quick information about the Seagate Backup Plus:
The best things about this Seagate BackUp Plus Slim drive is that it’s small, thin, light weight, fast file transfer rates, plug & play, external hard drive, that fits easily into your jeans or cargo pocket pants, just like a cell phone. It gets a thumbs up from me for these features alone.

This Seagate backup plus slim external hard drive makes a extremely light weight portable icloud or personal cloud anytime, anyplace. The Seagate backup plus slim also comes with bigger storage copacity 1TB, 2TB 4TB and larger. So this USB External hard drive has plenty of storage space for all your photos, files, music, songs, and videos. This Seagate backup plus slim is a portable storage space drive that you might not want to leave home without. BTW: These Seagate Backup Plus Slim drives are popular not just in the USA but also in India and China too for all your home, business and school laptop accessories.

Keep in mind that this can also be used for backup iphone/iphone backup as well as android backups too. This can be done very easily with a OTG (On The Go) cable. A OTG cable can be purchased for less then $5.00 dollars online at eBay or Amazon. Smartphone Android backups and iPhone backups are important these days. Why? Because everyone uses their smartphones as there computer for emails, facebook, YouTube, instagram and Snapchat.


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20 thoughts on “Seagate backUp plus Slim 1tb/2tb/4tb – USB Portable Storage drive – Fast Review!

  1. Well thank you… sadly, my external Seagate is missing or lost in my luggage / storage /or car.. along w a letter/receipt from my Bible dated 2015.

  2. the end tho 😂 "subscribe if you like and leave a like if you like"

    I Like how many times you Like to put that Like so it looks Like it's unlikely to miss that Like ✌😂

  3. I have a question that seems to vary depending on Who I ask but how can I save a digital picture or video long term incase my daughter or grandkids ever want to look at some of my memories with them. I've heard that you can only save them in something like this external hard drive for 3 to 5 years before they start Disintegrating. So is there another way or do I have to keep uploading them to another place every 5 years? And if that's the case won't the quality be downgraded everytime you make another copy of them? Just trying g to find a longer solution to saving memories. Thanks in advance to anyone with knowledge on this topic

  4. This device is complete garbage. I used it once to copy some videos and then gave it to a friend, he gave it back. Now my laptop doesn’t recognize it anymore, don’t waste ur money people. It looks cool, but it doesn’t actually work.

  5. Don't bother trying to emulate video to a smart tv from one of these drives, I've tried two tv's, a ps3, and ps4 and they won't detect the drive even if its formatted for FAT32

  6. I’m kind of new to pc’s and all, if I buy this, am I able to download games onto it? Without taking up the basic storage of my laptop?

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