Scroll To Element – scrollIntoView in WebDriverIO – Part – 12

#webdriverio #nodejs #javascript #automation
In this video, I have explained how to scroll to a WebElement in WebDriverIO.

-Scroll TO Element in WebDriverIO
-scrollIntoView method

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7 thoughts on “Scroll To Element – scrollIntoView in WebDriverIO – Part – 12

  1. Hi Naveen, I have written the code as same as yours but I am getting an error "move target out of bounds", I wonder why your code is running perfectly and not mine, can you please help me to solve this error?

  2. Does any know how to "get to definition" of any function like 'it.skip' etc which is working the video but not in my system. I tried looking for some suggestion over google with no success.

    @Naveen/ Team, any lead on this ? Regards, Arvind

  3. Hey Naveen,
    I have to automate a script where I need to scroll the PDF document all the way down so that I can proceed. The PDF is not in an iframe. Is this possible with webdriverio? it is the only blocker we are experiencing in my project.
    I would appreciate your help
    thank you

  4. Hi Naveen,
    To skip a "it" block instead of writing "it.skip" we can also use "xit"


    xit("move to element",function() {

  5. i am zero in java and selenium
    Hii Naveen your videos of r awesome

    Q : — Plz tell how to wait for manual input in selenium.

    Started selenium 2 days before 🙁

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