Screen Mirror Galaxy J5 to HDTV: Netlix, YouTube, Games, Video, Photos, etc

Update 2017: the app you need to download in order screen mirror has changed its name from Google Cast to now Google Home!

I show you how to screen mirror your Samsung Galaxy J5 (does not matter if its 2015 or 2016 version) wirelessly to your TV (monitor, projector, etc) using Google Chromecast. With Chromecast you can cast and screen mirror your J5 as well as with other Android smartphones. Note that if you have an iPhone you can not screen mirror (airplay) but you will be able to cast apps that are cast enabled.

More info on 1st & 2nd Gen. & to buy is in below links:
ChromeCast 1st Gen. on Ebay:
ChromeCast 2nd Gen. on Ebay:

You can see what Chromecast 1st and 2nd generation look like side by side:

1000s of ChromeCast Compatible Apps that you can cast: TV shows, movies, music, games, sports , etc. Click here to view what apps you can cast:

—— Cool Videos——
Galaxy S7 -vs- Galaxy J5 (2016): Front Camera Video/Photo/Mic Test :

Galaxy S7 vs J5 (2016) Video Camera Comparsion Side by Side @ 1080p HD :

Galaxy S5 -vs- Galaxy J5 (2016) Video Recording 1080p HD Test :

Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy J5 | Video Stabilization vs. No Video Stabilization | Both @ 1080p HD :

Galaxy Note 7 vs Google Nexus 6P vs iPhone 7 Plus 4k Night Time Video Test:

4k Daylight Video Camera Test: iPhone 6s -vs- Nexus 6P -vs- Galaxy S7:

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45 thoughts on “Screen Mirror Galaxy J5 to HDTV: Netlix, YouTube, Games, Video, Photos, etc

  1. This is useless. It's not a tutorial. All I learned was that the you tuber could do it. Learn some basics in teaching.


  3. Seriously what a waste of time this is chromecast. Really pissed off watched this dribble and it is bullshit and not what description says.

  4. But how the hell do you set it up to your tv! NOT from phone to t.v., to access it on tv then use your phone .-.

  5. i have an android smart tv box. i tried to use the miracast app from the box, but my phone doesnt give any option for connecing. any other suggestion other then chromecast?

  6. you'd think you would mention on the title that youre fkin about with chrome cast instead of wasting ppls time who dont use it

  7. I have understand the difference between cast and screen mirroring, but why where you, for screen mirroring use google cast instead google mirror? With wich app you do cast from J5?

  8. hello sir, can i screen mirror or cast my J5(6) to my smart tv without purchasing additional gear like in the video. I mean is there an app in Play Store that can be used to mirror my phone over wifi connection?

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