Scratch Tutorial | Why CODERS are so Bad At ANIMATING for THERE GAMES!

Scratch Tutorial | Why CODERS are so Bad At ANIMATING for THERE GAMES!

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46 thoughts on “Scratch Tutorial | Why CODERS are so Bad At ANIMATING for THERE GAMES!

  1. Dude thanks so much for the vid, Professor Blue! It really helped making my animations even though I haven't made another animation in a long time. I really do suck at animations. This is my first animation ever made,

  2. i want scratch to have a mechanic to paste things from others apps so i can animate in macromedia flash 8 and copy paste it on scratch

  3. you can also do
    define paunch {

    i = 1

    delay = [0.05,0.15,0.04,0.09,0.04,0.08]
    repeat length of delay {
    wait item i of delay
    next costume

  4. OK, so im having a big af problem in making my platformer/ kinda not a platformer game in scratch. I did exactly what you said but there's still something i haven't figured out yet, so when i walk and the walking animation plays, how do i make it to where the animation immediately stops if im in the air or not moving?

  5. Ironically, this can go the opposite way, I'm an animator myself, and I have little to no experience with coding.

    Also my coding sucks!

  6. You can also randomize each delay for frames or you can make more costumes that slightly change from the last frame to make it slower or faster.

  7. i hate to be this guy but… their*

    there says position, their says possesion, and they're says that those people are doing something

    quick lesson

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