Scratch Tutorial: How to Make a Shooter Game (Part 1)

In this Scratch tutorial, I will be showing you how to make a zombie-survival shooter game. In this video I show you the basic player movement and bullets using clones, as well as zombies with health. If you want to check out my Scratch profile (all of my 8 games were front-paged), click this link here:

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I recently published a new mobile game, Flingy Fruit (available on iPhone and Android)! Check this video out if you want to see how I made the game:

You can also check out this video for the other mobile game I made, The Last Chicken On Earth:

Outro music (I only used part of it):

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36 thoughts on “Scratch Tutorial: How to Make a Shooter Game (Part 1)

  1. for me, when the bullet touches the zombie, it stays white instead of just a flicker of white but other than that, thanks for the video 😀

  2. Imagine the people that watched this before Lucas commented but the newer version came when he commented it so i was wrong

  3. My shooter is not turning at initial position. It is not turning like your's. Although I had written the same code like you had shown in this video. Please reply someone.

  4. An easier way to make the bullets appear from the gun is make the bullets go on the back layer and make the space in between the arms gray or whatever color your background is.

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