Samsung's Secure Folder

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video, we will go over everything about Secure Folder. Why to use it and other features you may or may not know.

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44 thoughts on “Samsung's Secure Folder

  1. Do you use Secure Folder?
    In a time crunch but need your Samsung fix, Subscribe to my new 2nd channel:

  2. It's the most stupid app on my phone. The more i use it the more i realize it a modified trash can. Trust me this is an a toilet for your personal information…it goes in it never come back out

  3. if you reset your phone and you wanna you dseem password again are you going to find the things you hade their or not

  4. Hi..thank you for your great video. I have two colournote on my new phone. One in secure folder, and one in the main icon screen. How do I transfer all my notes, into the one thats inside the secure folder please? That one is currently empty…I have tried to sync them both, so then I can delete the one on my home screen, as I do not need 2 and I really want it safe…but it doesn't work.

    Do I need to delete one of the Colournote, or both? And then reinstall it? Thank you…its driving me nuts as I cant work it out.

    I had a folder on my last phone, which then got broken, and had to be fixed before I could access it…which meant the people that fixed it had access to personal info. Really dont want that happening again. 😊

  5. Is there a way to uninstall the secure folder if an user feels there is no need of this after installed ?

  6. How can upload all my content in my secure folder? Samsung terminated my online storage subscription for no reason. Now I can't upload my stuff saying I have a limit of 15 gigs now.

  7. Getting my note 10 plus next week. Can't wait to hide my gift pictures and browsing history from wedding ring shopping

  8. Are there any alternative app for Samsung secure folder. Because this app is not working on other devices.

  9. I did use it for a while, but found, over time, it stopped the phone working properly. Play Store stopped working, any app duplicated in the secure folder stopped relaying notifications properly, I had to constantly erase the cache partition, and eventually I had to uninstall the secure folder entirely to get the phone to work at all.

  10. Remember, if you're using a VPN or adblocker they won't work in the porn folder unless you copy the VPN or adblocker into the porn folder and run them while fappin.

  11. Jimmy if I want to rebuild my phone how do I back up the secure folder so I can reload it after the rebuild?

  12. Btw heads up, DO NOT PUT GOOGLE PHOTOS in secure folder, I tried that and all my photos got uploaded from secure folder to google drive. Never trying that again

  13. I love all of your sweet, innocent reasons for using this! LOL! I'm "sure" hiding pics of "gifts" is exactly why this was invented 😂🤣😂

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