React Native Tutorial #6 – Lists & ScrollView

Hey gang, in this React Native tutorial we’ll talk about how to display lists of data in our apps. To do this we also need to look at a component called ScrollView, which allows us to scroll through long lists that are bigger than the area available on the screen

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25 thoughts on “React Native Tutorial #6 – Lists & ScrollView

  1. I sincerely want to take a minute here and thank you for your videos. They are truly informative and easy to comprehend. You simplify and make web development fun to such an extent that its started to become an addiction!

  2. ([

    { "name":"John", "key" : 1},

    { "name":"Johnathon", "key" : 2},

    { "name":"Johnny", "key" : 3},

    { "name":"JohnWick", "key" : 4},

    { "name":"JohnCena", "key" : 5},

    { "name":"DonJohn", "key" : 6},

    { "name":"JohnnyGaddar", "key" : 7},


  3. 6 months ago I use map like you but now I changed. it is not for me to say master but you dont have to add key to the list in the state. here is another aproach:
    (list is the same without key property)

    {, index) => {
    return (
    <View key={index}>
    <Text style={styles.item}>{}</Text>

  4. Nice tutorial, How can i do this for dynamic data like data in array to useState and then use it for scrollview

  5. easy to see how much programming experience you have – your approach is evidence enough for that. very good and straight forward.

  6. After learning the react and getting the job as a React Dev, It's time again from our very own shaun to get started with Native

  7. for people who too lazy to type, u can copy this
    const [people,setName]=useState([
    {name:'shaun', key:'1'},
    {name:'yoshi', key:'2'},
    {name:'mario', key:'3'},
    {name:'luigi', key:'4'},
    {name:'peach', key:'5'},
    {name:'toad', key:'6'},
    {name:'bower', key:'7'},


  8. I am having problem in downloading expo guide us through ninja it showing invalid regular expression

  9. Hi ninja!
    i complete javascrpt for beg.. , PHP for beg ,i know how create responsable web site
    but what are after ?? give me the ordre of your playlists;
    i need learn all about javascript
    plz answer me fastly
    *//i have bad english i know 🙁

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