Q*bert NES Review – The No Swear Gamer Ep 296

Today’s episode covers Q*bert (based on the Gottlieb arcade game) for the Nintendo Entertainment System (Also known as the Famicom in other areas of the world).

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13 thoughts on “Q*bert NES Review – The No Swear Gamer Ep 296

  1. I remember playing Q-Bert along time ago. I didn't know Ugg and Wrong Way were originally not in the game. I like those characters. They make the game harder, because they move different. Q-Bert is like another version of Chess.

  2. I know what Q*Bert really shouts out…I'm quite the industry insider…let's just say I can't repeat it here.

  3. If you go to Walmart and pick up the Arcade Classics 04 Q*bert, it will have the exact same rom, but no custom control or continue screen.

  4. Good review, I feel the same way. Love the character but the game isn't one of my favorites. I recommend the mobile version if you're looking for an easier experience. Also, I dig your grading scale.

  5. I noticed when I tried out a few different versions that the game play is almost the same, its really just the graphics that change and what kind of controller you use can have an impact. Like you said its easy for the brain to get confused and jump in the wrong direction.

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