Pokemon: Uncensored Edition – Part 10 – ERIKA

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Your stupid adventure awaits in Pokémon: Uncensored Edition
The full game will feature:
• Classic Pokémon gameplay with a twist
• 650+ catchable Pokémon
• 4 new Pokémon (1 legendary)
• A whole new region, Runko
• Lots of swearing
• Sexual references
• Drug usage
• And so much more!
The world of Pokémon: Uncensored Edition is filled with dark humor. The content of the fangame is not to be taken seriously.
Steam Group: ChrisCaine’s Gaming Group

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Nguồn: https://top100vn.com/

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44 thoughts on “Pokemon: Uncensored Edition – Part 10 – ERIKA

  1. I would like, but the like count is currently at 69 which seems very appropriate for this video. I'll comment to support the cause!

  2. You are right Chris.  Low Kick does more damage against bigger opponents like Onix or Snorlax.  So it wont effect Diglett too much.

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