PlayStation – Championship Motocross 2001 – featuring Ricky Carmichael (2000)

Championship Motocross featuring Ricky Carmichael gives you the chance to jump on the dirt bike of the two-time American Motorcyclist Association Nationals champion as you race your way to glory on 12 motocross, supercross, and enduro tracks from around the world. Fly through the air after a big jump and really show off what you’ve got with a variety of stunt moves like the “Superman” and “Nac-Nac.” Choose from three classes of bikes (125cc, 250cc, and 500cc) as well as three more from within the class, each varying in engine power, engine torque, top speed, weight, and handling. Suit your bike for variant tracks and weather conditions by selecting one of three types of exhausts, sprockets, tires, suspension setups, and brakes.

Of the five play modes, Championship presents the greatest overall challenge as you fight for first through four seasons of eight-man races. Starting with the horsepower-deficient but easy-to-handle 125cc bikes in the first season, each following series of races gets tougher as you move on to 250cc, 500cc, and Open, which allows you to choose your bike’s class. Further, each progressive season includes more races — six, eight, ten and 12, respectively. Points are allocated based on placement in each race and the racer with the most points at season’s end can celebrate his superiority. Meanwhile, failure to amass a designated point total after a certain number of events will prohibit further advancement. The game rewards your first-place finishes in all four seasons with a new Fox Racing motocross video entitled “Wrath Child.”

Campeonato de Motocross con Ricky Carmichael le da la oportunidad de saltar en la bici de la suciedad de el dos veces campeón Nacionales American Motorcyclist Association como usted compite con su camino a la gloria en 12 motocross, supercross, enduro y pistas de todo el mundo. Vuelan por el aire después de un salto y realmente mostrar lo que tienes con una variedad de movimientos acrobáticos como el “Superman” y “Nac Nac”. Puede elegir entre tres clases de bicicletas (125cc, 250cc, y 500cc), así como tres más desde dentro de la clase, cada uno variando la potencia del motor, par motor, velocidad máxima, el peso y la manipulación. Suit su bicicleta por pistas variantes y las condiciones meteorológicas, seleccionando uno de los tres tipos de tubos de escape, ruedas dentadas, llantas, configuraciones de suspensión y frenos.

De los cinco modos de juego, Campeonato presenta el mayor desafío global a medida que lucha para la primera a través de cuatro temporadas de carreras de ocho hombres. A partir de las motos deficientes caballos de fuerza, pero fácil de manejar 125cc en la primera temporada, cada uno de las siguientes series de carreras se hace más dura a medida que pasa a 250cc, 500cc, y abierta, que permite elegir la clase de su moto. Además, cada temporada progresiva incluye más carreras – seis, ocho, diez y 12, respectivamente. Los puntos se asignan en función de la colocación en cada carrera y el piloto con más puntos al final de la temporada puede celebrar su superioridad. Mientras tanto, el hecho de acumular un total de puntos designados después de un cierto número de eventos prohibirá seguir avanzando. El juego premia a sus primeros puestos en las cuatro estaciones con un nuevo video de Fox Racing motocross titulado “Child Ira.”


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34 thoughts on “PlayStation – Championship Motocross 2001 – featuring Ricky Carmichael (2000)

  1. Is it weird that I didn't play this as a racing game but a game to fuck other people up making them crash

  2. This is the most nostalgic thing i have ever seen. When i saw the intro i couldnt really believe what i see just right now. This is the first playstation game i have ever played and i played it when i was visiting grandma omg

  3. Any tips to win on the races? the music is great but cant enjoy the game if i dont know how to drive properly.

  4. This game was so broke, LOL! If they manage to surpass you, with certain time, they gonna be far away from you. But i played this game a lot, here in Brazil. Games like this, made me like… rock.

  5. HOLY SHIT! I've been trying to remember the name of this game since 2005! I just loved this game on my PlayStation 1 and the soudtrack is bomb too! Thank you for uploadig this annd bringing back those childhood memories.

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