On The Spot: Ep. 63 – NOBODY WINS! | Rooster Teeth

I blacked out 2 minutes in. What happened?
This episode originally aired on July 7, 2016 and is sponsored by Pizza Hut (

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About On The Spot:
Rooster Teeth’s official game show! A live half hour of fast-paced laughs as host Jon Risinger puts two RT teams on the spot for points and mayhem.

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On The Spot: Ep. 63 – NOBODY WINS! | Rooster Teeth

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49 thoughts on “On The Spot: Ep. 63 – NOBODY WINS! | Rooster Teeth

  1. I thought when he said you know then from Game Grumps he was talking about Matt and Ryan from Super mega

  2. I don’t know if Jon was playing a character (he probably was but I’m not sure maybe he’s always that annoyed and angry on this show but how am I to know I’ve never seen On The Spot, I just came here to watch the Grumps maybe Jon was just incredibly nervous after all the crowd barely cared about anything he said and rarely laugh or maybe that’s normal maybe he’s always not funny or maybe he is funny I never watched on the spot before and I’ve also never seen Funhaus or Game Grumps,

  3. I thank god constantly that, of all the years to go, I managed to go that year, and managed to go to that panel, first row in center behind the priority seating, and see this glorious moment in time in real life. I feel so blessed. Best day of my life.

  4. All those years of putting up with the RT cast and their antics on On The Spot…

    And it only took just over an hour for Arin and Dan to finally break him!

  5. I clicked this video cause i saw danny…. i had no idea that the last 10 mins of it would fulfill my dreams….

  6. It's been almost a year since 'Sick, Semper, I Love You' should've come out, please Rooster Teeth give it to us

  7. I knew the game grumps creativity would get wacky and… sensual. But I never should have under estimated funhaus's ability to one up.

  8. They found a loop hole where everyone wins! Just mess with Jon so much that he just leaves before announcing the winner!

  9. 1:01:23

    ladies and gents, prepare to see Mr.Jon Risinger wanting nothing but death as he loses faith in life

  10. See, I'm not a Rooster Teeth fan at all, so these dudes thrusting and taking their pants off is just a little disturbing to me. I guess they have a lot of fans who thought it was hot but it was just no thanks for me, meanwhile the wet t shirt contest thing was great because I've loved the Game Grumps for years.

  11. I quote that "this is crAAAZy" bit all the time, knowing full well that nobody knows what I'm talking about.

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