Nintendo 64 ‘N’ Logo Carved from HDPE – Recycled Plastic Retro Gaming

We made the 3D Nintendo logo from the N64 days and of course, we made it out of recycled HDPE plastic.

This was the deepest blank we have cast so far and it took a LONG time to cool down. But it squared up nicely and this stuff carves really well with some sharp chisels.

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27 thoughts on “Nintendo 64 ‘N’ Logo Carved from HDPE – Recycled Plastic Retro Gaming

  1. Thanks for watching! We have new ‘Brotendo’ themed merch available! Check out our hats, hoodies, shirts and mugs in our Teespring store (check the banner above or link in the description) 👕🎮🧢🕹❣️

  2. Question. What thickness would you recomend for hdpe shelves?
    Im looking to make several longish shelves out of hdpe but I don't know a lot about its load bearing capacity.
    Thanks and your channel is so informative it's a big help 🙂

  3. The N looks great, a lot of off cuts but of course the good thing is you can just put them back into the process. #naewaste

  4. Very very cool. Can’t wait to turn a tiny HDPE bowl this month. Hopefully I’ll have enough bottle tops! 😂

  5. You make it look so easy! Great video! Could you do something along the lines of a large "lego" type block that snaps together to be used to maybe build, say, a garden retarining wall? Thanks

  6. Maybe you could sell your moulds to your patrons. If there is a good business use for them, then it would worth it for the buyer.

  7. What are the non-sticky but flexible stuff you used in the panini maker? Is that stuff single use or can you use it over and over again? And is the panini maker just for bottle caps (to flatten them) or is there another reason to use it, and not do the whole thing in the toaster oven? Thanks!

  8. Hello my friend.

    great to use recycling. you have created a nice logo. congratulations. See you. greetings.

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