NEW OP BOTRK PANTHEON BUILD 🔥 36% INSTANT HP DMG 🔥 LoL Top Pantheon vs Aatrox Season 10 Gameplay

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Press the Attack #Pantheon vs #Aatrox TOP Lane Build game with fans 2020 Season 10 Gameplay League of Legends

You want the best Season 10 Pantheon TOP NEW RUNES Build for TOP/MID/JUNGLE/SUPPORT? Then enjoy:
For runes we will be using:
Precision + Resolve
For Precision:
– Press the attack (3 HITS INSTANT DEATH RUNE)
– Triumph (12% missing hp back and 20 gold)
– Legend: Boodline (Extra lifesteal, just pefect)
– Coup de Grace (More Damage at Low health targets)
For Resolve:
– Manaflow (Extra mana and mana regain)
– Transcendence (Bonus CD and AD)
Also you will get for:
DEFENSE: 6 armor
This runes will give you everything you need for Pantheon to do insane damage
Full Pantheon s10 Item build: Blade of the Ruined King, Black Cleaver, Ionian boots, rageblade, Death dance, guardian and Elixir!

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24 thoughts on “NEW OP BOTRK PANTHEON BUILD 🔥 36% INSTANT HP DMG 🔥 LoL Top Pantheon vs Aatrox Season 10 Gameplay

  1. 1v2 level 4 what could possible go wrong -> 2:14 A little too powerful for them to handle 🔥
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  2. yo, you are pretty good at this game. Im just curious what your first language is, Your english is really good but you still have a thick accent so i was just wondering.

  3. Can you tell me the full build with the blade of the ruined king or its the same build just with the ruined?

  4. Good content as always.
    Empowered W with BotRK is ~31.85% HP dmg (if they're at full HP, else, it'd be less), since it's unlike Bloodrazor (% max HP), it's % current HP.

  5. Hello BaLoRi.I am new Lol player and i saw your Pantheon(i want to main him cause its Greek champion and i am Greek too :p) videos,but i am confused,which video for Pantheon build is the best to follow?
    This video or your previous one(

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