Memoir '44: New Flight Plan Expansion Review with Sam Healey

Sam takes a look at the new expansion for Memoir ’44, New Flight Plan, designed by Richard Borg, from Days of Wonder!!

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27 thoughts on “Memoir '44: New Flight Plan Expansion Review with Sam Healey

  1. the rules state to deploy air unit onto battlefield one must play air combat card and Section card not a tactic card. so counter attack is a tactic card , my friend therefore says you cant deploy with counter attack card even if your counter attacking a section card. i feel the tactic card changes into a section card. he is technically correct. what do others think. i will present a few more serious situation that need addressing later. thanks everybody

  2. Great video. Thank you for taking the time to provide a thorough review of the expansion and it's effects on the gameplay.

    I love Memoir '44 but I wish Asmodee/Days of Wonder would get their act together when it comes to reprints and stock availability. I really think they missed a huge opportunity with the recent D-Day anniversary.

    Edit: out of curiosity would you recommend a second copy for overlord scale scenarios?

  3. When a combat card says "order 3 units" in a certain section and you order a fighter to deploy, does it also do its mission on the same unit order (Ex. strafing) leaving you with 2 more combat units to order, or do you have to wait until your next turn?

  4. Airplanes that block LOS is a rule thematically correct for me, units are focused on them and can't combat.

  5. You kind of hope that the LOS ruling was made because they felt it became an issue (of whatever kind) with certain play groups after testing, not just made because some bright person deemed it necessary. Because creating a rule to solve an issue that might not be there in the first place, is due to overthinking by designers, which you can spot often in games.

  6. I think I will house rule that the planes do not block line of sight for ground units, but if a ground unit moves underneath an enemy plane, the plane gets an opportunity attack of 1 die.

  7. One of your best videos Sam! Only problem is, I'm trying to not buy more games / expansions and you're making that very difficult since I also love Memoir and have wanted the flight expansion for years and hearing this is good is tugging on my wallet.

    Question: Have you considered making it so any unit can shoot through air units? Do you think that would mess with the balance?

  8. I really need to get the expansions I already have played through first – but this does look cool. A definite eventual buy!

  9. I agree with playing the LOS rules as written but I don't agree with their reasoning/explanation. I don't understand how "planes don't block line of sight" is more complicated than "planes block line of sight." If anything, the rule that would need clarified is the "when battling, must battle units that are adjacent" rule. If the plane was between the battling unit and the target unit, they would be forced to battle the plane anyway. It seems to me like the line of sight rule is going to mean the use of planes will be primarily fighting but also maneuvering them to block line of sight for the opponent's next turn. I welcome this new layer of strategery.

  10. Convolution not convolusion, but it is a convoluted word so it’s understandable. 😉
    My question is if using this expansion with the original scenarios, do the planes change things too much? It seems like in the example you use, the plane took out a bunch of infantry. Do the planes thin out the units too much? Or do you play it with just the new scenarios ?

  11. You should make a video about your favorite games in the commands and color series. Now that would be entertaining

  12. Sam,

    First of all, thank you for creating this video and sharing it with the community. Your love for the game is obvious.

    I agree with absolutely all of your points in the PRO's section:

    1) A lot more content with little convolution
    This aspect probably proved to be the most challenging part in the design process, the rules of the original AIR PACK felt strange and I did feel the need to house-rule those and actually ended up creating my own set of rules for the AIR PACK. The rules for NEW FLIGHT PLAN, however, are very straight forward and were a joy to play with from day one.

    2) Aeroplane models are very well done
    I completely agree here, they follow the same line as the EQUIPMENT PACK, same colour, etc… in reality, I use my own aeroplanes, but that is personal taste. Anyone who is unhappy that they came unpainted probably doesn't understand that painting these would jack up the price and double it. As you mentioned, the beautiful aspect or silver lining, is that one has the opportunity to paint the miniatures and that in itself is a joy.

    3) I really enjoy how the Air Combat deck works
    I absolutely agree here, the deck itself is worth the price of the expansion.

    4) The aeroplanes stick around and can be ordered as any other unit.
    Also agree here. As I had mentioned earlier, I had house-ruled the AIR PACK from day 2 and even allowed aeroplanes to have extra fuel and hit the pedal to the medal.

    However, I, personally do not agree with what you see as a con regarding Line of Sight in this expansion:

    1) Some of the rules don't make thematic sense (very minor).

    When I first read the manual months ago, I initially shared your opinion, but when I started playing the scenarios with the new Line of Sight rules it started to make a lot of sense to me, and I prefer to play the game using the NEW FLIGHT PLAN rules without house rules. That's just me. Anyone is free to house-rule their own game.

    In constrast to your personal opinion, I am of the opinion that these Line of Sight rules make absolute thematic sense. Even in this video, one can see an example of a sort of air interdiction. The infantry unit would probably try to stay alive and attempt to shoot down the enemy aeroplane, rather than attack another infantry unit 2 hexes away in the forest. The rule in the Base Game manual states that if adjacent to an enemy unit, one must attack said enemy unit and not a unit that is distant. Thematically, the rules make a lot of sense to me, but it's my personal opinion, and I could be wrong.

    Thanks again for the amazing review!


  13. CORRECTION: 05:57 The RAKE THE ENEMY Air Combat card was played incorrectly on the third Infantry unit being attacked. RAKE THE ENEMY allows STARS to hit, but NEVER Grenade symbols rolled, so only two (2) hits there, not three (3).

  14. Aren't the planes suppressing the ground unit to keep it from firing at distant units????? Isn't that an advantage for air on purpose????

  15. What are the movement rules? 1) How far can a plane move? 2) Are they required to move on every turn? 3) Are they allowed to stop on top of another unit (placing the units around the clear plane base)?

  16. For the case of the ground unit wanting to attack into the trees discussed at 10:20, I think that another reason it cannot is because "You may not choose to attack a distant unit if you are adjacent to an air unit (standard close assault rule)", page 7 rulebook. I agree that the air unit also blocks line of sight. Perhaps it makes less thematic sense for the ground unit in the trees to not be allowed to attack through the air unit, but then the air unit would effectively be acting like a one-way shield for its comrades. I appreciate the simplification. Looks like fun – thanks!

  17. Do this come with those strange cards from another game of the series that has nothing to do like in the rest of the collection?

  18. Thematically I guess you could say the troops on the ground are keeping their heads down while enemy aircraft are overhead…I guess 😐

  19. I figure you are the man to ask on questions for Memoir 44. I see you have one dislike. I think this is the same 1 guy on all videos and he dislikes everything

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