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The Mattel Hyperscan was released by Mattel in 2006, and didn’t sell very well.

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41 thoughts on “Mattel Hyperscan System Review – Gamester81

  1. 4:06 – 4:16 Hilarious! That awkward pause is the main problem with this system. Never gettin it. The Loadin time must have been hell for you

  2. They were actually developing an avatar the last airbender game for this system, but it was canceled. It would've been awesome to have on it

  3. I just picked one of these up at the thrift store for $5. Has all cords and one controller. It had the xmen disk in the system, but the disk was cut, therefore useless.
    I'm lookin at buying all of the games for this system, even though some of them are really hard to find. It would be nice to have at least one full game library haha.

  4. I wonder if there's any footage of those fatalities in existence. Pretty weird also that this is supposed to be marketed to children. I assume those fatalities weren't that violent?

  5. I had that console.  It was a system a great aunt bought one of my little cousins and he never played it so his mom (my aunt) gave it to me.  He only had the X-Men game but they had already lost the cards.  I got some cards from ebay and tried to play but the card reader had apparently stopped working.

    Sad to see such a POS come out of the company that gave us the Intellivision which wasn't bad, it was just expensive.  Sadly I think I lost my Hyper Scan in a move.

  6. This system reminds of the annoying previews and movie company credits they show which seem to take forever on DVD's, sometimes as much as 12 before the damn movie starts! Still a pretty cool concept with the scanner cards.

  7. If they didn't screw this HyperScan up, they would have also made Avatar and Nick Extreme Sports games for the system, as well as a Power Rangers Mystic Force game.

  8. That X-Men fighting game reminds me of Dragon Ball Z Taiketsu on the GBA. That game wasn't all that good either.

  9. It doesn't even have copy protection, you can burn a game and it will load perfectly… No other console in 2006 did that.

  10. I have had the complete library of games for this thing since it came out and didn't realize it until now…

  11. I hate to admit it but when this first came out I actually kinda wanted one of these. I love it when companies try to use the Collectible Card gimmick in Video Games because I loved the eReader for the GBA and all the Cards for it so when I saw a new Console that used Collectible Cards I was kinda excited…but like everyone else I was pretty disappointed with the hyperscan (a little glad I was never able to get a hold of one)

  12. the scanning idea is a really cool one but a very poorly executed one at that. you cant can anything at the end of fight screen!!! LOL, poor load times; waiting basically forever to get into games. the graphics are really poor. the hyperscan would have even made the original wii look good andthat system was the weakest of the big 3 consoles. that did WAY better that that piece of shit! i am glad i never picked one up iam never going t, even the controller looks really cheesy, made 4 kids only.

  13. I doubt the loading time is why it failed. People would have had to have actually bought these machines to find out how bad the loading times were.

  14. Well, skylanders works kinda that way. Who knows, maybe they are using Mattel's technology under the hood?

  15. God, the PlayStation 1 and Dreamcast have better graphics than the HyperScan… and they're much older!!

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