Making a Minimap for my Indie Game! (Devlog #2)

Hello, and welcome to my Devlog for my upcoming Metroidvania game! This is episode 2 and this week I’m going to be creating a minimap and a jetpack for it.

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Thanks for all the support for my last video, the fact that I’m still getting subs on it even nearly a week later is pretty crazy. You can expect weekly devlog videos from me for at least a few weeks now.

GMS2 Minimap Tutorial:


Music Used:
Chill Out Records – NCS Chill Lofi Music

Evan King – Onesie

Katana Zero – Chinatown


Hey! I’m Levin, and I am currently making videos on this game dev channel, my main focus and game that I am working on right now is an Action Platformer and Metroidvania. I plan on uploading devlogs at least every other week, though it might take a little longer. I want this project to be very community-driven, so if you have any ideas, suggestions, critiques or anything else you want to say, just comment it down below, I’ll try to respond to all the comments I can.


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14 thoughts on “Making a Minimap for my Indie Game! (Devlog #2)

  1. Here's a suggestion instead of making health in no you should make a big real looking heart with blood filled in it and will low down if taken damage it will look soo cool and don't make cartoon heart please ok and make minimap so that it should not be revealed before character has went there btw love this game looking forward to play it

  2. Really great devlog.
    Once again particles save the day for the juiciness they add into games.
    Jep, editing can take quite a while still this videos quality felt good. 😊

  3. The minimap and particles look great! 😀
    I see that your FPS is pretty low at times. Is it always like this, or only when you record?

  4. This got recommended to me by YT, new to the channel and the game looks awesome! Keep up the great work

  5. I think u should work more on graphics and add a cool story with side missions and collectables it would be awesome

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