Make N64 Repros At Home (No soldering/wiring/skills required!)

Ever wondered how to make your own Nintendo 64 reproduction cartridges? Now you can, and it’s easier than you might expect! You could be playing romhacks, fan-translations, and obscure titles within minutes with this new tech. Thanks for watching!

Head over to RetroStage’s website to get your own N64 Blaster and Retro Blaster Programmer:
They also sell all 5 CIC chips, and the translucent cartridge cases seen in this video. 🙂

Check out John Riggs!:

Animal Crossing English Rom: For legal reasons I cannot directly link to any game roms, and you should always own the game in question if you plan to use a rom/emulation. That being said, if you are interested in the specific build of Animal Crossing which bypasses the N64 internal clock, you will likely need to search for something like “Everdrive 64 compatible Animal Forest”. Please be aware that the game may need a donor EEPROM to save progress.


Music by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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37 thoughts on “Make N64 Repros At Home (No soldering/wiring/skills required!)

  1. Thanks for watching, everyone! What games/translations/romhacks would you like to see on a real cartridge? 🙂

  2. I really don’t know about anyone else but I just can’t get my hands on a physical copy of Mario 64 so maybe It’s still possible to make one and reproduce even more cartridges since Nintendo stopped making them.

  3. How much are all the parts (blaster, cartridge, etc)? Would check myself but the RetroStage site is down until July 6th and it doesn't look like any other sites sell it.

  4. Any idea where an individual might find a game label or label art for Animal Crossing N64? I have a copy and the label ripped off it 🤦

  5. Not all N64 games saved the same way. Some saved using batteries others used EEPROM. How do these repo cartridges save? Does it matter if it was battery or EEPROM?

  6. Has anyone tried this with the Mario 64 widescreen 60 FPS rom hack. would love to make myself a Mario 64 cart with this game

  7. Where do i buy the cartridge tho? Would i be able to fit my libary of roms saved on my emulator to this

  8. Anyone who has done this, can you tell me if this is worth it and have you run into any issues or any experiences

  9. I've been looking for a place that sells translucent green cartridges for years… Thank you so much for the link to this store. I have shed a tear of joy!

  10. did animal forest actually work? i heard you need a special cartridge with an internal clock inside it to play it properly.

  11. I just remembered this video because I was thinking it would be pretty sweet to have my own copy of Smash Remix to play wherever. Now this video will be helpful 👀

  12. Hello, could you make a video showing on how to make pal n64 repros? That work in Europe and Australia etc.

  13. The N64/Nes boards are easy to find, but Snes/Genesis/GB/Gbc/Gba are alot harder to find, since EVERYONE wants to emulate them

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