LOOPZ Shifter from Mattel

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The game LOOPZ has been a hot-selling item for Mattel over the past few years, and now there is a follow-up game called LOOPZ Shifter. With this new game, LOOPZ goes horizontal. LOOPZ Shifter brings players a customizable challenge that allows them to rearrange the LOOPZ Shifter unit into five shapes that test reflex and skill in 20 different ways. Combining music, motion, and memory, the game challenges players to match the patterns of light and sound by motioning their hands through the rings. As each ring pulsates, players must quickly put their hand through the lit loop to keep the music sequence going. An internal counter keeps track of time and completed levels, and rates overall performance. There are four games to play: Repeat the Beat, Reflex Master, Rhythm Duel, and Freestyle DJ. Each game has multiple levels. LOOPZ Shifter is for one to four players.

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  1. Why has this video got so many dislikes? I wanted to know what the product was, I came here and saw this and now I know exactly what it is. The video does exactly what it was designed to do. Wtf?

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