Larry Boy and the Bad Apple – Any% Speedrun in 1:53:32 (PS2)

Bought this game at eStarland during the trip to AGDQ 2017 along with a few other memegames. Did a blind playthrough of this last night which took around six hours and then did two timed speedruns afterwards. First run was a 2:04 and the second run was this 1:53 run. I kinda didn’t want to upload this video mainly because I still messed up in a few major areas, specifically the last fight where I died during the last arm and lost more than four minutes. However, I did get under two hours which was kinda my goal. I originally thought this game would take around 2:30:00+ because all the cutscenes are unskippable but was surprised that it could still be finished in under two hours. Maybe I’ll do another run at some point and get sub 1:50:00 or maybe I won’t touch it again until North American Speedrunner Assembly 2017, Summer Games Done Quick 2017, or Midwest Speedfest 2017 assuming it gets into any of those.


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33 thoughts on “Larry Boy and the Bad Apple – Any% Speedrun in 1:53:32 (PS2)

  1. I know this game didn't age well and it's not the best game out there on PS2 but damn am I happy to have played this game when growing up. It was fun and did what it needed to do for the experience to not be shit. It's just a shame most did not agree. I think a VeggieTales line of games would be just as fascinating as the SpongeBob line of games have been. Ah well. God bless the timeline that has the VeggieTale line of games though.

  2. When I played this game, I never knew Veggietales was about teaching religion. It caught me off guard when Larry started to preach about god at the end of the game.

  3. Something is really rotten in bumblyburg people are giving into their own personal temptations this could only be the work of the Bad apple and her plan is to stop the 300th birthday celebration but who will be able to stop her? Why none other than bumblyburg's greatest hero Larryboy and he's gonna need your help in fighting temptation and save the city of bumblyburg from the clutches of the Bad Apple. Based on the veggietales show kids will learn that we need God's help to avoid any kind of temptation like having too much stuff for yourself or playing video games instead of doing important things like cleaning your room or helping your mom or dad. When we can't resist temptation we can always ask God or our friends and family for help.

  4. I remember playing this as a kid and this game just randomly came across my mind lol. Miss the good days playing on the ps2

  5. Dude you have no idea how much nostalgia I have rn. I used to always play this, you opened up past memories that ive forgotten. Shits crazy😂

  6. This game is teaching us that God wants us to ask him to help us fight our weaknesses that keep us from being the human he wants us to be, like it keeps us from doing homework, chores, and being with family

  7. The factory music from Easter Carol. " You can't tear down that church! " I don't get it, how's goin round in circles gonna get us outta here? "

  8. 20:00 The only part I can remember from this game is the first boss.. That was a lon time ago..

  9. My childhood in a goddamn nutshell…
    This game was the reason I now play video games. I remember first playing this game when I was 3 or 4 years old and it was one of my favorite games when I was young

  10. i remember this when I was in 2nd grade getting this for my birthday. glad I beat it. The bad apple theme was neat. It might be just me but. the super paper mario Mr.L theme and bad apple theme feels familar but they are not the same. that was like almost 12 years ago

  11. 4:00 🎵Good morning George how are you? I hope you’re feeling fine. I like to stay and talk, but it’s almost 8’ o clock and I haven’t got the time.🎵

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