Illustration or Concept Art? Which one is better for you?

Ever wanted to make it as a concept artist? Work in videogames, or maybe books, movies, tabletop games? In this video, I explain what is Concept Art, what is Illustration, and help you chose the right one for you.
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What is Concept art, how to work in videogames, what is an illustrator? Those are things that I asked myself all the time when I was a student of animation. Now I’m happy to say that I got the privilege of working on my dream job as a concept artist and illustrator for the videogame industry, so it is my pleasure to solve these doubts in your head.

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———— About me ————-

Hey guys, Lucas Peinador here, I’m a concept artist and illustrator working for video games. I’m originally from a mysterious country in the Caribbean but recently I moved to Europe to work on a studio.

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Artist on my wallpaper: Ruan Jia (One of my favorite artists, for sure check him out).
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24 thoughts on “Illustration or Concept Art? Which one is better for you?

  1. Of course one cannot expect to be this good (examples shown in here) from the beginning. What would really help us beginners is if you cleared out "how to get started?" ( given that you have to start small, otherwise you will definitely be overwhelmed and might stroke out in pressure.)

  2. After watching your video, I do prefer illustration. But since I'm writing a novel series with everything built from scratch, and I want to make polished illustrations for some important scenes as well as for my covers, I will need to visually concept my characters and environment beforehand.

  3. huum, i think i would love to create characters, from my own mind and from other's minds too is that what concept art is in short ? creating trough descriptions instead of creating something which already has a foundation but giving it a bit more flavour, and detail and personality ?

  4. So an illustration is basically a personal interpretation of an already portrayed idea, while concept art is the very visual creation and portrayal of that idea. So yeah, in the end it depends on what kind of artist you want to be: To interpretate or to create. In the end, both are awesome, and it would be great to get to work on both things.

  5. 1:25 that was really considered concept art? Damn I thought concept arts where less finalized this looks like a completed illustration of a concept art

  6. Awesome video….. I really prefer to concept art…… Is only representing idea on big canvas with big strokes is concept art? Because most of artist don't do much detailing by zooom in in the screen. … …. I watch wlop videos… Is it's art is concept art or illustration..?
    Nice video thanks for giving basic information about both arts type😊😊☺😊😍

  7. Thanks so much for this video!! I'm just a beginning artist, but I constantly felt like I should be working towards the type of work illustrators do when what I really love is concept art, I just never really knew the difference!! Even though the result of both is often similar, it's nice to see that I can look more at the coming up with ideas part.

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