How to wire a key ignition and start stop switch to a DIY simulator button box for a sim racing rig. Parts listed below……………

Joystick Encoder BG Ebay
Toggle switch Covers DX
Key Ignition eBay
Start Button BG EBay
Carbon Wrap BG DX

Heat Proof Mat BG
Soldering Iron Cheap DX or
Crimping tool BG
Crimp ends BG
Wire Cutters BG
Wire strippers
My Soldering Iron eBay
Solder BG or
Solder Wick BG

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  1. I've driven 1000hp cars and never has the wheel shaken that much at idle in any of them. That must be 100000bhp at the least or my balls bust

  2. KEYS! of course- always got pesky kids of friends of the wife coming over when im not home and trying to jump on my sim and fuck it up- now i ve got this idea to have keys so they can't do shit ! mwahaaahah

  3. hello amstudio I wanted to know if it was possible for your key ignition to use a real car neiman like starting a normal car I saw 4 wires you think it could work thanks in advance for your answers I know it's 12v on a classic car but if you plug in a 12 / 220v adapter like I could do on my real car meter as in your video on the bmw E36 meter thank you in advance for your answers

  4. Can somebody help me, I want to know how to make the engine electrics come on with a press of a button and then hold the same button to start the truck

  5. I can't recognize the game even if I make it the same

    나는 똑같이 만들어도 게임에서 인식을 못해요

  6. I love this project and going to do it myself but the encoreder I got doesn't have blue wires just red and black then the white one is a 5pin how would I wire that scenario? Thanks

  7. This channel is the only one I trust when it comes to: Custom wheel, custom shifter, Etc. they are so helpful!

  8. How do you set it up in game cause I’m only getting one thing so I can’t put one with the electricity, and the next one on the start

  9. Hello amstudio! I would like to ask you a question because I wanna try to build one of these. If use a push button switch with a 12v led and wire it up to the joystick encoder which supply’s 5v, will it still illuminate?

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