How to Use ScrollView in Android App – Android Studio 2.2.2 Tutorial

We have to add items to android app more than what the screen can fit, right? In such case you can use ScrollView.

ScrollView allows user to add more number of items and scroll over the screen to bring it.

Hope that was a great tutorial for you.

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39 thoughts on “How to Use ScrollView in Android App – Android Studio 2.2.2 Tutorial

  1. you should add the extra xml files that you used in your bio. A simple linear layout without scroll view, will never work.

  2. can we refer the< adview>(written in a separate xml file) to all activities in a projects.?Expecting your advise.

  3. Nice and precise to the content. how to add banner add that always displayed at the bottom in scroll?

  4. which activity we need to select for this scrolling view? I tried with blank activity but it does not scroll the page with this method. please help me….

  5. Hello brother. I installed a new windows and i want to know how to open my published app in the new windows, and what to do with the package name. Can you please help me solve this problem. Regards

  6. Is it possible to have multiple layour files in single java file like myntra has in its header if one clicks on thay it moves to a page where one can login via social or email and there is also btn for login nd signup separately it moves to different layout for both sign up nd login,is it possible…?

  7. If I Have multiple buttons, on scroll, like you did, and I want to give an Intent for every button, it is possible to make a method to avoid writing almost the same code, to be able implement to do something each and every button? Because otherwise I have to copy and paste 12 times almost the exact same code. The only difference is that I make a new Button object every time, for all my buttons, to Intent to different new activities.

  8. thank you, bro, superb explanation have I watched many videos but can't understand but after watching your video I got it it's simple and short

  9. Hello,I use Android studio 3.0.My phn is noughut…the project is running in my emulator but in my phn it is shown the app is stopped…I used imagebutton instead of button?

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