How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Sony Bravia Android TV | Cast Android Mobile to Smart TV | Airscreen

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Screen mirror your iPhone or iPad to any android device. Follow the steps and download Airscreen app on your Android or Smart TV and screen mirror, cast or Miracast your smart device onto TV.

Works best on Sony Android Smart 4k Tv but also works on Samsung Smart tv or LG Android TV. You may want to install android tv box if your tv is not smart and get the airplay tv app installed.
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44 thoughts on “How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Sony Bravia Android TV | Cast Android Mobile to Smart TV | Airscreen

  1. Thank you so very much for the video.. it really helped! was breaking my head from last 2 days to stream online classes for my kid on tv but couldn’t figure out until I saw this video now.. thank you again 🙏🏻

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We have been trying to figure this out for 2 years and have not succeeded. THIS HELPED SO MUCH TY!!!

  3. Thank you so much ; when I watch movies from sites like ( daily motion , others ) and click the screen mirror icon in the running video ; it’s not showing on my tv and some times only sound without photo ; please advise how to make working proper ; to be like android mobiles which are working amazing and too smooth

  4. Hi
    First thanks, it worked but now says I have to disable ad-blocker to remain free or othereise it wont let me use it anymore unless i buy the pro version, can you help?

  5. Thanks. It worked as you showed. I don't understand why when I called Sony Phone support they said that because I had an iphone that i could only cast to certain Sony models. They said that it was a problem from the Apple side. Yet you showed me a way that works and … Are you a Sony customer support rep ?

  6. I just succeeded in mirroring my iPhone to our Sony Bravia. Thank you
    But then a problem appears: my husband who is using a Samsung mobile (and who originally mirrored his phone without problem) could not mirror his phone any more.
    Was it because of the selection of IOS when we installed Airscreen? Or another reason?

  7. At first This didn’t work after following all the steps. However, after restarting both my Sony TV and iPad, this worked great.

  8. I just moved into a new apartment and I don’t have internet for another week ( my stupidly) . I could easily screen my iPhone to mirror on my Apple TV before but because I dont have internet it won’t let me mirror my phone on the cellular network to my Sony android tv because they are not on the same network. Anybody got any suggestions?

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