How to Make a Flight Plan – X-Plane 11 Tutorial 1

This the the first tutorial for X-Plane 11 which covers flight planning. There are many ways of making a flight plan and you can select any one of them according to your convenience.

Initially I struggled a lot in making a flight plan and entering it in the FMS. After several trials I was able to make my own flight plans. The method used by me in this video is the easiest and it enables me to make a flight plan and enter it in the FMS within 5 minutes.

Do watch the video and post your comments. You can also ask me questions in the comments section if you have any.

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23 thoughts on “How to Make a Flight Plan – X-Plane 11 Tutorial 1

  1. I am just stuck on where to land and where to depart. KIND depart and KMCO arrival, that's my flight "plan" I just can't really figure out on the 3 runways of KIND I need to depart from. I am guessing the one that would be in direction of KMCO being it isn't near open water, but a thought of if I take that one, then that could also be the landing area from my take off end. Complications!

  2. Big fan of FlightSim, and always thought entering Flight plan is pain. But this video was so beautifully explained.. Excellent 👌

  3. Hi Atif, I also have a problem. I tried this website Simbrief you showed here. I want to go from EGLL to EGLC, I enter these codes and press "find route" but it says "Unable to generate route: Returned an empty string!". What can I do?

  4. Thank you sir. However, you forgot to provide a link on where can we download the different airport chart. Please let us know how to get the airport code to enter in the FMC. I'm just a beginner here trying so hard to learn. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Atif, sorry for all the questions but hope you can help.I have done a flight plan following your instructions using simbrief but the Nav points I get after pressing FIND ROUTE are not numbers like you have (A454 Example) I get the following CWK6 ILEXY MSCOT4, when I enter these into FPLM I get AWY/WPT MISMATCH. I can get the ILEKY to enter into the TO but thereafter when I try to add VNAV no joy. The flight plan map in Simbrief shows the correct departure and arrival and the way points along the way in the map diagram. I can highlight each way point but each waypoint comes up alphabetically not like you get (A235 A175 for example) any suggestions, Thanks Again…

  6. Hi Atif, thanks for these video, very helpful. Can you let me know where you get your detailed charts from. I have tried as you suggest Airport name and charts in google, I get charts but not the detailed like you get with the flight paths out like you are showing, Thanks

  7. This is really excellent. I am in miami and in this tough times you save my day.. .thanks very much. Where can i download the charts? thanks again Norbero

  8. Hi, am getting stuck when entering route in the FMS. am flying from FMEE to FIMP . Please help. Thanks

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