GameMaker Tutorial – Making A Minimap

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This tutorial was suggested by a subscriber! Watch as I demonstrate how easy it is to create a neat little transparent minimap for your game!

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Happy Coding 😀


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29 thoughts on “GameMaker Tutorial – Making A Minimap

  1. so my minimap is being drawn twice. One that is not transparent (like its just an object and seems static) and the other that is correct. I changed the x y also for my views because it didn't work the other way for me. ANy ideas?

  2. What if i want to make the minimap round and why if i have an helicopter that goes out of the room, that is seen in the minimap.
    How you fix that?

  3. If you have a game where instances can leave the room boundaries, this addition to SlasherXGAMES' DrawGUI event code, will stop the mini map from drawing outside of itself and onto your main game screen. (Just use the clamp function!)

    with (some object)
    var rx = clamp(x, 0, room_width) * other.minimap_percent;
    var ry = clamp(y, 0, room_height) * other.minimap_percent;
    draw_sprite_ext(spr_minimap_friendly, 0, other.x + rx, other.y + ry, other.minimap_percent, other.minimap_percent, 0, c_red, 0.7)

  4. Any idea how you would make it so you can click on the minimap and make the view jump to that position?

  5. Is it possible to translate this to 3D? When I try it doesn't show up, so I'm wondering how exactly you could, if you know that is.

  6. @SlasherXGAMES ™  How do i make this minimap be used in 2 rooms? When i paste the object_minimapview into room 02, it says drawing non-existing sprite. 


  7. @SlasherXGAMES ™ Wonderful Tutorial. I had an error at first. However, after try and error. I figured out the necessary changes to make to my game. Thanks alot for this tutorial and it sure helped alot in my game minimap process! Kudos!

  8. @SlasherXGAMES ™ 
    Everything is the same as in Tutorial but it does not work. Pls help.

    ERROR at line 10 pos 18: Unexpected symbol in expression.
    10      var remoteX = x * other.minimapPercentage;
    11      var remoteY = y * other.minimapPercentage;

  9. I tried to implement this in my 3D first-person shooter game, but it doesn't work at all. I put it in the Draw GUI event instead of draw (this is how to draw it in the HUD for 3D), and the map doesn't draw at all when the game starts. Please help

  10. I get this error:
    action number 1
    of Draw Event
    for object obj_minimap:

    Unable to find any instance for object index '1'
     at gml_Object_obj_minimap_DrawGUI_1 (line 4) – heroX = obj_hero.x * minimapPercentage;

  11. Hey!
    I loved the tutorial it's great, I've just got stuck on this problem. The player on the minimap is off like 10 pixel horizontally, and I really don't know what the heck is wrong.
    Looking forward to your answer!

  12. hi slasherx, thank you for all the gamemaker studio tutorials, have you ever found a good video or forum post about customizing game controls in game (re-binding keys)?  do you have to use an ini file to record the player key bindings?  i have not found any youtube videos for this topic, i found a few forum posts for older versions of gamemaker and i found one asset for about $1 on the yoyo games market place.  do you have any links or ideas on this topic?

  13. hello sir.. uhmm are u done with finding the object game?? im still waiting for u to upload it.. thank u sir..

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