Game Over – Original Score | OST | Ron Ethan Yohann | Taapsee Pannu | Ashwin Saravanan

Game Over – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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Track List –
1. Game Over – Main Titles – 00:00:00
2. One Fine Morning – 00:02:41
3. PAC – MAN! – 00:04:46
4. Panic Attack – 00:05:57
5. VR! – 00:08:04
6. Anniversary Reaction – 00:11:11
7. The Dream! – 00:13:43
8. Immortal Inks – 00:16:28
9. The Scar – 00:17:48
10. The Tattoo – 00:21:48
11. Shame – 00:22:49
12. The Fall – 00:27:29
13. Recuperation – 00:28:23
14. Mother – 00:30:21
15. Amudha – 00:31:38
16. Hope – 00:37:31
17. Intruder Alert! – 00:39:18
18. The Swing – 00:40:02
19. The Masked Man – 00:44:08
20. Deja Vu! – 00:46:32
21. Help! – 00:48:21
22. Rescue – 00:50:31
23. The Reveal – 00:51:53
24. Game On! – 00:53:47
25. Fight Like A Girl! – 00:57:18
26. Retaliation – 00:59:47
27. The Last Stand – 01:02:07
28. Happy New Year – End Credits – 01:02:57

Original Score Composed, Arranged & Orchestrated by Ron Ethan Yohann

Piano, Synth & Roli – Ron Ethan Yohann
Guitars – Joshua Satya
Flute – Nadhan
Score Preparation & Orchestration Services – Bohemia Junction Limited, London, UK
Orchestrator – Joaquim Badia
Orchestration & Orchestra Co-Ordinator – Andrew.T.Mackay
Score Recorded with Bangkok Symphony Orchestra at Studio 28, Bangkok, Thailand
Music Production and Orchestra Service – 28Production
Orchestra Conductor – Trisdee na Patalung

Violin I –
Chot Buasuwan
Anda Phumnarong
Teesin Puriwatthanapong
Pacharapol Techatanachai
Chanya Charoensook
Pinpinut Sribumrungkiat
Bodin Pukhang
Kiratikorn Promdewet

Violin II –
Chitipat Darapong
Paradee Treeratt
Tassanai Punprasert
Napat Nanasombat
Kulisara Sangchan
Patcharapan Sombuntanont

Viola –
Atjayut Sangkasem
Thachapol Namwong
Surachon Lerdlop
Jitsamon Shattrakom
Nitivadee Kaosard
Tapanatt Kiatpaibulkit

Cello –
kittikhun sodprasert
Teerakiat Kerdlarp
Vannophat Kaploykeo
Saran Charoennit
Roypim Thavornsuwan
Chayanit Siriroj

Contra Bass –
Rutawat Sintutepparat
Nuttaphon Lerswanuswong
Prawwanitsita Neesanant
Sureeporn Feesantia

Orchestra Manager – Promsorn Riewpakorn
Chief Recording Engineer – Arjampol Chandravuth
Assistant Engineer – Visarut Opassathavorn
Assistant Engineer – Patrick Chinnawong

Music Composed, Arranged, Orchestrated & Produced at EL BETHEL, Chennai
Recording Engineers – Pon Abishek Darshan, Manikandan Murali
Recording Studio – Concento Studios, Chennai
Original Score Mixed by Pon Abishek Darshan at Concento Studios, Chennai
Original Score Mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Los Angeles, California


Y Not Studios and Reliance Entertainment present “Game Over”(2019).

Starring: Taapsee Pannu
Directed by: Ashwin Saravanan
Produced by: S. Sashikanth
Co-Produced by: Chakravarthy Ramachandra
Written by: Ashwin Saravanan and Kaavya Ramkumar
Dialogues (Telugu) : Venkatesh Kacharla
Dialogues (Hindi) : Shruti Madan
Music: Ron Ethan Yohann
DOP: A. Vasanth
Editor: Richard Kevin. A
Sound Design: Sachin Sudhakaran, Hariharan.M (Sync Cinema)
Sound Mix: Rajakrishnan M.R.
Trailer Mixed and Mastered by: Pon Abishek Darshan
Art Director: Shiva Shankar
Stunts: “Real” Satish
Costume Designer: N.K. Nandini
Publicity Designer: Gopi Prasanna
DI & VFX: Accel Media
VFX Producer: O.K.Vijay
Line Producer: Muthuramalingam
Production Executives: Rangaraj, Prasad Somula Reddy
Makeup: Chidambaram
Prosthetic Artist: Pallavi K. Shroff
Stills: M.S. Anandan
PRO: Nikkil (Tamil), Lakshmi Venugopal (Telugu)

2019 ® All Rights Reserved. Copyright of YNOT Studios.


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27 thoughts on “Game Over – Original Score | OST | Ron Ethan Yohann | Taapsee Pannu | Ashwin Saravanan

  1. I was searching for 35.04 Score. The mix of mystery and pain of longing. Its awesome.. It was so lovely when I watched the movie during this BGM. Ron Ethan Yohann.. You are amazing. The sound engineering is so rich and immense that the depth of sound in my earphones makes me feel more than a stereo experience. Hats off to the entire team of music as well as movie.

  2. Amazing piece of work❤️ Love the way you have brought it all together ! The mixing is top notch. I'm sure, this team has the best Audio Engineer on board!!

  3. Finally….. I think ron ethan is a huge fan of hans zimmer. Used some of his tricks and notes but did a great job without ruining it. Loved the score in theater and ron gave the score what the picture needed. No more no less it was a perfect balance. I wish i would be working with you❤️.
    End credit string section is beautiful.❤️❤️

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