Fuzzy string matching using Python

This video demonstrates the concept of fuzzy string matching using fuzzywuzzy in Python.


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27 thoughts on “Fuzzy string matching using Python

  1. I want to match two datasets , how should I do that?
    Data set 1 will be reference
    Data set 2 would be have description which I need to match with the data set
    I need to match and have the match percentage against them with the line in dataset 1

    Please suggest

  2. This is good fuzzy logic. I have a doubt . I have two excel sheet and 1 file with 2000 row with standard name and another this mix or large name Row(50k or 80k ) how to match by fuzzy match. I need 2000 row with score match
    ex:- New York = York score 70% match
    Germany = Berlin Germany = 50 % match

  3. This video actually made me super pumped to figure out fuzzy string matching! Great job, and great delivery overall!

  4. Here you just told the way to input specific string as queries for finding 3 most similar strings in the read file. For example, for each item in one .xlsx file, we are required to find the 5 most similar items in an another .csv file. How would a code for this look like?

  5. here you are comparing one value with the list of strings .How to compare if we have two lists and valuees like this Demon in list one and Démon in list 2

  6. Hi, I have two sheets in a excel file.

    One sheet has 1 column called booth name and another sheet has 1 column called villages.

    For analysing data at booth level it is required to map booth name to village. Many names are spelled same by both census and election commission but some names might be differently spelled. For mapping data at large scale, we need to develop a phonetic matching algorithm so that this can reduce a lot of manual effort.

    I came upto this point what to do next… M new in python. Learning by doing


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