FiFi Style: Draping – Đầm Lệch Vai Xếp Ly Eo

– Draping technology has been applied in fashion designs since ancient times, FiFi will give you, a new look on it, wish you success.
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—- Basic Design-Thiết kế căn bản :

—- TR-Origami—– :

—- 2D Design – Thiết kế mẫu 2D—- :

—- Draping 3D——- :

—- Sleeve— Tay Áo– :

—- Tips——– Mẹo Vặt—– :

—- Repair sewing machine — Sửa chữa máy CN 1kim :


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38 thoughts on “FiFi Style: Draping – Đầm Lệch Vai Xếp Ly Eo

  1. Love your styles Fifi. Very professional..but could you pls add an english explanation as you do your tutorial. This will be highly appreciated..thank you

  2. I love your gowns. They are so luxurious. I have had to make areas for my dress form. They just pin on. So helpful for this gown. This has great pleating at the waist it hides that I am a bit chubby.

  3. If you can come up with a class to teach people to do what you do you will make a lot of money, and will make a lot of people happy.🙏

  4. It would be of great help, if you could tell the specific measurements for the dress; as not everyone has the manequin to drape on. Thanks

  5. I have never seen someone so talented like you who directly work on fabric 👍👍👍 very beautiful work
    Also please how do you take sizes suppose i need to make for someone so how do i take different measurements using same pattern ??

  6. Wht is the width and length for the first piece material u use for the shoulder. Thanks I lov lov your video so much

  7. Hi love, nice video.
    My question is, is it a stretch fabric
    Will the back side also have all the pleat
    And will it be possible to add zip to the back.
    Pls do reply.

  8. Cảm ơn chia sẻ của em. Chị đã làm mấy mẫu của em rất xinh. Chị tay ngang thôi. Em cho chị hỏi chút: tra khoá sau lưng thì điểm tra từ cổ xuống dưới mông tới đâu dừng là đẹp ccuaanr. Chị thấy có trung tâm chia sẻ là từ eo đến mông chia 3 lấy 1 phần từ ngang mông lên. Chị làm thử thì thấy bị gãy hõm xuống rất xấu. Thank e

  9. Hi very good but where is the back of the dress also please dont make the dresses on patron.

    Abir from Egypt Cairo 🇪🇬

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