Dreams PS4: Highly Anticipated Level! – Ruckus (Kaiju Game)

Dreams PS4 Early Access – The Highly Anticipated Kaiju Game just released on Dreams and it’s actually really fun.

Creators – Morishiro1935, HeartFactory-KW, Bella_Iris
Level Link –

Outro Song: Is it too much to ask for // Jordan Maxwell ft Shiloh

WHAT IS DREAMS? AND WHO IS IT FOR? Watch my video on that

John 3:16

16: For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

The Case for Christ Short Film –

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28 thoughts on “Dreams PS4: Highly Anticipated Level! – Ruckus (Kaiju Game)

  1. I wish they made this into a stand alone game with levels and objectives. This is the kind of game that the industry needs right now. Heavy interaction with the environment while being totally immersed as the character, as well as fantastic graphics and visual effects.

  2. the irony is that this community mini game have more 100% destructible world Far much better than Crackdown 3 and it's Microsoft Cloud computing destruction something system 😂

  3. Dude just yes dreams is my dream game the freaking sandbox game I always wanted like my God I love it and this game is so big even ign covered this creation

  4. Look at the wonderful things you can make in Dreams. And all mainstream gaming media are ignoring all of it. Everyone is always ready to talk about some patchwork Mario level from Mario Maker.But where is the format for this kind of creative stuff in Dreams?

  5. all mental illnesses or PHYSCOPATH clowns Strikes again. more's war crimes updates led
    marches on.

  6. liberated Itself again.. nothing New. via movie's, video's game's or real life like too.. hilarious.

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