Disney Princess Pop-Up Tangled Game from Hasbro

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Disney Princess Pop-Up Tangled Game from Hasbro Gaming is a pop-up board game for fans of the Disney Princess Rapunzel and the movie Tangled. The game is for two players and comes with two Disney characters to play with: Rapunzel and Flynn. The game also features friend tokens which players can collect as they move around the board. Collect all three friend tokens and you get to bypass your opponent and move directly to the finish line.

Players begin at the start and take turns spinning the included spinner and moving around the board game. Land on a stone and your turn ends. Land on a gem and flip over a friend token. If the token’s character is a friend of your character, which is also indicated by the token’s color, keep it and advance six spaces. Such characters include Pascal and Maximus. If the token doesn’t match, return it and your turn ends. Land on the Tangled villian, Mother Gothel, and go back three spaces. Make your way to the finish line before your opponent and win the game.

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